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On the Xbox Series X

With the Xbox Series X | S Gamers have the opportunity to experience real Next-Gen feeling. But on the consoles, not only new triple-a-games, but also classics from the PS1 era in 4k – at least then, when something is helped.

Briefly after the release of the Xbox Series X | S, Gamers have found that Microsoft’s new consoles can also be used as emulators. A new video now shows how well PS1 classics with an emulator port on the new Xbox generation appears in 4k.

XBox Series X | S: Emulator brings PS1 classic in 4k to the screen

The Emulator Duckstation is a popular choice for classics from the PS1 era. With a port for the Xbox Series X | S, these games can now be gambled on Microsoft’s current consoles – albeit about some detours. The emulator can only be installed manually, If the console is in Developer mode . For this reason and because of the legal problems that an emulator brings with it, the use of duckstation on the Xbox Series X | S is not recommended.

However, Youtuber Modern Vintage Gamer has not stopped it and his experience shared with the PlayStation-1 emulator on the Xbox – and the game classics are remarkably liquid in the ultra-HD resolution.

_Show you here the video of Modern Vintage Gamer: _

(Source: Modern Vintage Gamer, YouTube)

PS1 emulator runs on Microsoft’s Next-Gen consoles

With Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider and Silent Hill shows modern vintage gamer groundbreaking games hits, which have established the PlayStation as a gaming platform in the 1990s – only they run in a sharp resolution with slight graphic improvements a far more advanced console generation. Even if installing an emulator on the Xbox Series X | S should not be re-emphasized, the results look quite exciting.

_In our video we show you what we gather in August in the editorial office: _

Apart from the PS1 emulator, similar ways of other consoles to the Xbox Series X | S, such as the Xbox Series X | S, could also be gambled – such as the PlayStation 2, the Gamecube or the Nintendo DS.

Cyberpunk 2077 Roadmap 2021 Patches Next Gen

Quick Guide for New Players - How to Upgrade Companions & where to find companion upgrade tokens
Here you will find the complete roadmap from CyBerpunk 2077 with all planned patches and the next gene upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S in the overview. If things change, this Xbox Series article will be updated accordingly.

Last update on August 18 : New patch with free DLC content has been announced.

Teams of planned updates / patches, DLCs and upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S

beginning 2021 :

  • Cyberpunk 2077-Patch 1.1 \ – Release: 25.01.2021
  • Cyberpunk 2077-Patch 1.2 \ – Release: 29.03.2021

Spring 2021:

  • Cyberpunk 2077-Patch 1.21 \ – Release: 14.04.2021
  • Cyberpunk 2077-Patch 1.22 \ – Release: 28.04.2021

Summer 2021 :

  • Cyberpunk 2077-Patch 1.23 \ – Release: 17.06.2021
  • Cyberpunk 2077-Patch 1.3 \ – Release: 18.08.2021
  • Free DLC \ – Release: 18.08.2021
  • Several updates and improvements

Autumn 2021 :

  • Free Upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S

What comes after update 1.2?

After the giant update 1.2, which takes on the PS4 and Xbox One Satte 40 GB, a variety of smaller patches should follow in the spring. Official release data for further updates has not announced CD project red yet.

We are currently assuming that patch 1.3 open up at the latest at the end of July / early August. But it is also well possible that CDPR will continue to release smaller hotfixes and wait for the next version number on the free DLC, which will come soon should. But let’s just wait.

Cyberpunk 2077 Free DLCs move

As we can see the roadmap, the planned free mini-DLCs appear only when the biggest mistakes of cyberpunk 2077 are fixed – at least that’s the plan. Previously, it was planned that these mini-DLCs should open straight to the launch in the style of The Witcher 3, so early 2021.

What expects to us with the DLCs can you find out more detail here:

__25 __1

more on the subject

Cyberpunk 2077 gets free mini-DLCs like The Witcher 3


When is the Cyberpunk 2077 upgrade to PS5 and Xbox Series X / S?

Currently cyberpunk 2077 is only playable via downward compatibility on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, but it should follow a full-fledged Next gene upgrade and completely free.

As Marcin Iwinski promised in December 2020, the full-fledged Next Gen versions of the RPG should fully exploit the technical advantages of PS5 and Xbox Series X / S .

The upgrades for the Next Gen consoles of Sony and Microsoft are currently planned for the third quarter 2021 , so we can probably expect it in autumn.

What about the multiplayer of cyberpunk 2077?

Update, March 31st: Currently it looks like CDPR could have deleted the multiplayer of cyberpunk 2077.

This is from an update of the developer studio. A new corporate report shows that the team is currently working on a new online technology for all its games, singleplayer titles or their improvement would be in focus.

CD project no direct information for this price, but Kicinski made it clear that the next project will not be an AAA online game. The new Business Plan also speaks that the standalone multiplayer was deleted: In the past, we hinted that our next AAA game would be a multiplayer cyberpunk game, but we decided to make this plan given our new, more systematic and agile To rethink approaches. , Says CEO Adam Kicinski.

More about Cyberpunk 2077

While CD project Red continues to work on the role-playing game, you can sweeten the time with our items:

  • Video: How well Cyberpunk 2077 is six months later
  • Cyberpunk 2077 will never run well on PS4 and Xbox One
  • Why I love cyberpunk 2077 just because of his quirks

With the latest patch 1.23 has CD project Red something can improve performance on consoles. However, the improvements come with a high price, which mainly affects the atmosphere of the game.

NHL 22 How much new is in ice hockey

The early autumn is traditional FIFA, Madden and NBA in the sports game segment, but even before November, fans of the Hockey Series NHL will be able to play another part.

NHL 22 appears on 15 October 2021 on the relevant Playstation 5 and 4 platforms, as well as Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. The two biggest new features are the first-time frostbite engine and the so-called superstar X factors.

The frostbite engine allows us to bring the series to the next generation, announced Clement Kwong, NHL boss producer at EA. The visual upgrade will impress. The announcements are not without reason, because in fact, NHL in Puncto graphics makes a clear set forward.

With all the joyous enthusiasm of the developer team, however, must be mentioned: to boast with frostbite as a great innovation, is pure marketing strategy. In the house EA, the engine has been established for years.

FIFA has been running on the same since 2016, Madden moved in 2017. The first real next-gene variant now also changes NHL from Ignite to Frostbite. And that must also be the title, otherwise not only the graphical representation, but also the K.I. Not exactly contemporary.

All the more logical so that further focus is on this. With the superstar X factors, the best players are equipped with individual skills, which are inspired by their skills on the real ice.

This should operate the ice hockey elite more authentic. The German figurehead Leon Draisaitl will be found, for example, with a Tape to Tape in the game. This then reflects its outstanding passport game.

For NHL 22 certainly pleasing, yet Football fans are likely to be suspicious, finally Madden 20 already led these X factors.

Auston Matthews is NHL 22-Coverstar

I am very pleased to work together again with EA Sports. The X factors offer the players many new strategies, says Matthews.

He himself is probably less to the controller in the coming period. Currently the scorer is laboratory at a wrist surgery. Toronto will open the season on the 13th of October at home against Montreal.

The packings are decorated, as already at NHL 20, the superstar of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Auston Matthews. The 23-year-old American closed the season 2020/21 with 41 hits as the best scorer and is consequently set again on the cover.

I am very pleased to work together again with EA Sports. The X factors offer the players many new strategies, says Matthews.

He himself is probably less to the controller in the coming period. Currently the scorer is laboratory at a wrist surgery. Toronto will open the season on the 13th of October at home against Montreal.

NHL 22 Official Reveal Trailer

_WEADER_GAMING News _ and everything from the world of escort is available on_earlygame

It s official Skyrim will reach PS5 and Series X

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an open world activity role-playing video clip game created by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the 5th primary installation in The Elder Scrolls series, adhering to 2006’s The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and also was launched worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and also Xbox 360 on November 11, 2011.
The game’s major tale revolves around the player’s personality, the Dragonborn, on their quest to beat Alduin the World-Eater, a dragon who is forecasted to destroy the globe. The video game is set 200 years after the occasions of Oblivion and occurs in Skyrim, the northernmost province of Tamriel. Over the training course of the game, the player completes missions and creates the personality by enhancing abilities. The game proceeds the open-world tradition of its predecessors by allowing the player to travel anywhere in the video game globe at any kind of time, and to ignore or postpone the main story indefinitely.
Skyrim was established making use of the Development Engine, rebuilt especially for the game. The group chose a special and extra varied open world than Oblivion’s Imperial Province of Cyrodiil, which game supervisor and executive producer Todd Howard thought about much less fascinating comparative. The game was released to important acclaim, with reviewers especially pointing out the character development as well as setting, as well as is thought about to be one of the biggest video clip games of all time. Nevertheless it obtained some objection, predominantly for its melee combat and also numerous technical issues existing at launch. The video game shipped over seven million copies to stores within the initial week of its launch, as well as over 30 million duplicates on all platforms as of November 2016, making it among the best selling computer game in background.
Three downloadable material (DLC) add-ons were launched separately– Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn, which were packed in addition to the base game into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim– Legendary Edition and released in June 2013. A remastered variation, labelled The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim– Scandal sheet was launched for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in October 2016. It includes all three DLC developments as well as a graphical upgrade. A port for the Nintendo Switch over was released on November 2017. A separate VR-only version, titled The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, was released in November 2017 for the PlayStation 4 utilizing PlayStation VR, and also for Windows-based Virtual Reality headsets in April 2018. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim– Anniversary Edition is readied to launch in November 2021 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and also Xbox Series X/S. It includes all the web content from Special Edition and also over 500 Production Club components.

It was only a matter of time. Many already expected, and within the framework of Quakecon, Bethesda has revealed that, yes, _ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim_ will reach PS5 and Xbox Series X | S by means of an anniversary edition , which will be available next November, celebrating 10 years of this iconic game.

To be specific, _ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition_ will be available on November 11, 2021 in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC . Strangely, there is no version of switch announced by the time being, which is strange considering that Skyrim in its normal version is available on the hybrid console.

Those who already have the Special Edition in PS4 or Xbox One, You can access the anniversary edition in PS5 or Xbox Series X | S in a complete way . However, this will not only be a new version of the game that collects the additional content we have seen by adding over a decade, since this edition includes the ability to fish.

Considering that The Elder Scrolls VI is still several years away, this re-launch was only a matter of time. Without a doubt, the meme of Skyrim running on any device will remain alive. On related topics, quake Remastered has been announced, and here are your details.

Via: IGN.

The current best PS5 and Xbox Series

Already last year Hades hit the PC and the switch as a bomb, now the Roguelike also conquers PS5 and Xbox Series X | S in the storm and is according to Metacritik the best game for the Next-Gen consoles. But why?

Best game for PS5 & Xbox Series: Hades climbs the console Olympus

After his start to the early access phase 2018, the Roguelike Hades appeared in the fall of 2020 for the PC and the Nintendo Switch and could draw countless players in his spell. Hades definitely belongs to one of the game highlights of the last year.

Recently, the hit now appeared for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles – and also hit a bomb there. A quick look at Metacriti reveals: Hades is according to the reviews with a metascore of 94 (Xbox Series X), or 93 points (PS5) the currently best game for PS5 and Xbox Series (Source: Metacritic).

On the PS5, Hades can overtake the former top rider Demon’s Souls (Metascore: 92 Points) and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 (Metascore: 90 Points).

On the Xbox Series, on the other hand, it encounters the Microsoft Flight Simulator (Metascore: 90 Points) from the throne and leaves IT TAKES Two (Metascore: 89 points) behind.

Hades (PS4) watch on Amazon

What about Hades so special?

Hades does not reinstate the Roguelike wheel, yet it stands the complete genre on a completely new Live l. Developer Supergiant Games has equipped the game with an action-rich combat system, which is easy to go from the hand, but will not be undemanded at any time. In addition, Hades is full of interesting details, a grabbing story and ingenious humor looking for its kind.

This combination ensures that, above all, the players who can do nothing with Roguelikes so nothing should give a chance – the game could surprise you.

Xbox in the transmission of Gamescom 2021 How to look and what to expect

Long Time Ago (Chinese: 我们的故事; Hokkien: 我儂个故事; POJ: Guá-lâng ê kòo-sīr; actually Our Tale) is a 2016 Singaporean period film guided by Jack Neo. The movie memorializes Singapore’s 50th birthday celebration and also celebrities Aileen Tan, Mark Lee and Wang Lei as the main casts. It is launched on 4 February 2016 in Singapore.
The very first film in the Long Time Ago movie series, it is adhered to by Long Time Ago 2 (2016 ), The Diam Age (2020) and also The Diam Period Too (2021 ).

Maybe the E3 has ended a long time ago, but Gamescom is fashionable this week. The three-day commercial fair will have digital transmissions full of new advertisements. It will start large with a 90-minute Xbox transmission, an event that will surely do not want to be lost. Next, we show you how you can capture the action, as well as what to expect from the transmission.

When is the Xbox GameScom event?

While Gamescom does not officially start until August 25, Xbox will start it a day before. The event will take place at 10 am pt on Tuesday, August 24. The exhibition will last approximately 90 minutes.

Neverwinter | How to Unlock All Dye Colors

How to see Xbox Gamescom

There are dozens of ways to see the showcase, with Xbox pushing it to a myriad of different platforms. It will be transmitted to the official Xbox channels on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook,. And more around the world.

What will we see in Xbox Gamescom?

Xbox confirmed that the showcase will not focus on new releases or great surprises, but will share a lot of information. Wait to see updates on the next releases this year, titles on the way to Xbox Game Pass and more. This could mean that we can get more information about Christmas launches such as Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite.

For the latter, we may listen to more details about your campaign after the announcement of the multiplayer divided screen the day of the launch. Halo Infinite also does not have a firm launch date, so there is a possibility that we finally get one here.

What will not be displayed on Xbox Gamescom

As mentioned, there will be no new ads or great surprises, so it is discouragerable to enter with an E3 type mentality. Do not wait to see massive games like Perfect Dark or Fable this time. If they were not in the E3, there is no reason to think that Microsoft was keeping them for a program only two months later. However, there may be some advertisements worthy of exaggeration regarding previously announced titles, so it will still be worth tunes.

Recommendations of the editors

There is no light Release period and a new trailer to the bloody 2D

John Legend - Darkness and Light (Audio) ft. Brittany Howard
Black Funny is a one-act farce by Peter Shaffer, very first done in 1965. The property of the item is that light and dark are transposed, so that when the stage is lit the cast are supposed to be in darkness and only when the stage is dark are they expected to be able to see each various other as well as their environments. A young sculptor as well as his future wife have obtained some pricey antique furnishings from a neighbour’s flat without his approval to thrill an elderly millionaire art collection agency. When the power stops working, the neighbor returns early, other individuals also arrive suddenly, and also matters come down right into near-chaos.

Already last year, the Publisher Zelart and the Publisher Hypetrain Digital announced the brutal demon hunt There’s no light for the consoles and the PC.

After it was unclear when the title is supposed to see the light of the world in the end, the two studios now bordered the release period roughly and announced that There is no light will appear in November this year. Suitable for this announcement was also published a new trailer for the brutal 2D adventure.

The last hope of humanity

In There is no light, the players swing up to the last hope of humanity and take the fight against a threat that emanates from powerful demons. The playful features of There is No Light belongs to the Rage system that the players rewarded an offensive and aggressive style with various bonuses and advantages.

on the subject : The Wild At Heart: Picturesque indie adventure for the PS4 confirmed

Added to the opportunity to experience a nonlinear story and to cut the character with appropriate weapons and skills individually on their own playing style. At the same time, players with their actions actively influence the further development of the game world.

There is no light is published for the PC, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and Nintendos Switch.

Further messages to there is no light.

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Destiny 2 Coming extension The witch king and season of the lost officially revealed details trailers and more

Radiant Silvergun is a shoot ’em up established by Treasure. It was initially released in Japanese arcades in 1998 as well as consequently ported to the Sega Saturn later that year. The story follows a group of fighter pilots in the much future who are fighting waves of enemies mobilized by a mysterious crystal collected from the Earth. The gamer holds a toolbox of 6 various kinds of shots to pick from, as well as a sword to damage nearby targets. The phases are securely developed to existing gamers with circumstances that can be approached in different ways with the numerous weapon types.
Prize was largely understood for establishing activity and platform ready residence gaming consoles before Glowing Silvergun. Despite the company’s problems about the monetary viability of arcade video games and the shooter style, they felt they had a great facility for a game and also made a decision to pursue it. Radiant Silvergun was established by ten people, with Gonzo outsourced for computer animated cutscenes. The game was created for the ST-V game board initially and later on ported to the architecturally comparable Sega Saturn. In the direction of the end of advancement, the group hired specialist players that held high ratings in shooters to play test the game.
Radiant Silvergun was initial launched in Japanese games in May 1998. Treasure head of state Masato Maegawa entered person to galleries to assess the response of gamers. The Saturn port was released two months later in Japan. Despite its region exclusivity, Radiant Silvergun was imported by Western doubters as well as received critical recognition. Journalists agreed that the video game restored the shoot ’em up genre, which had actually dropped by the wayside after the surge in appeal of gallery dealing with games in the 1990s. In retrospect, it is taken into consideration one of the best shooters as well as Sega Saturn video games of perpetuity. It received a spiritual sequel in the type of Ikaruga (2001 ), and was ported worldwide to the Xbox 360 in 2011.

Yesterday evening, Bungie’s leaders revealed numerous new details on the upcoming and new content of the online shooter Destiny 2. Among other things, it was confirmed that the new extension The Hexenkönigin on 22 February 2022 for the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox Series X / S, the Xbox One, the PC and Google Stadia will appear.

Savathûn and their radiant brood

The keepers will have to counteract in the witch king some unprecedented enemies, where they can also find the truth about Savathûn, the witch king. With Savathûn’s throne world, a new destination will also become the players at which the radiant brood will wait for you. These are sharp enemies, which can also use light forces. Through the weapon crafting feature you can forget your own weapons with unique mod combinations, shaders and advanced stats. The Glefe is in turn added as a new weapon type and as a first-person melee weapon enable some powerful attacks.

Furthermore, it says from the official site: For years, Savathûn’s plans have unfolded while adopting the form of trusted allies and spun a net from lies that spreads over the galaxy. With the upcoming publication of Destiny 2: The witch king experienced guardians the truth behind their devilical plan and introduce themselves to an unprecedented challenge: enemies that use the light, which has so far been reserved for the keepers.

The extension should also bring new challenges. Among other things, a new 6-player activity with player search, a new RAID in the heart of a sunken pyramid ship and more promised.

Furthermore, you can already pre-order the hex king, which gives immediate access to an exotic spirit shell, a legendary badge and bonus items. Buyers The Digital Deluxe Edition will also receive the exotic gesture The Enigma. In the special edition, in addition to the new extension, all season passes for year 5, two dungeons, and more are included.

Season of the lost has begun

In addition, Bungie has brought the season of the lost to the start. It will be active until February 22, 2022 and brings Mara Sov, the Queen of the awakened, back to the dreaming city. You would like to contact Savathûn, with powers closed, unusual alliances closed and mysteries are even enigmatic.

You can also bring the awakening technology to life and have success in the 6-player activity Astral orientation success. Turning the ley line network and finds a way through the fragmented rich. A new exotic quest is also offered. It is one of the official side: A mighty weapon, which Mara Sov has taken for her brother Uldren in care. Anyone who holds Agers scepters in their hands receives access to areas in the fragmented rich, which were previously inaccessible. Declies the layers of awakening security precautions and gains the exotic weapon before putting into the wrong hands.

Finally, the developers have also brought a crosplay support into play. Thus, the guardians can play with each other cross-platform. Further details can already be found in the new trailers:

Further messages to Destiny 2.

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Psychonauts 2 Graphic analysis and frame rate

For the official publication of Psychonauts 2, a graphic analysis and a frame rate comparison was published. The video shows the different versions of the game and compares the Xbox compartments with the PlayStation variants.

Among other things, it shows that the versions for Xbox Series X / S and Xbox ONE are best optimized. For example, the loading times for the Xbox Series X / S are the shortest. The frame rate is clearly in the knees for scene switches on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

Psychonauts 2 analysis

Neverwinter Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Free to Play]

  • Xbox One: 1080p / 30 fps
  • Xbox One x: 2160p / 30 fps
  • PlayStation 4: 1080p / 30 fps
  • PlayStation 4 Pro: 1440p / 30 fps
  • Xbox Series X: 2160p / 60 fps or 1440p / 120 fps
  • Xbox Series S: 1620p / 60 fps or 1080p / 120 fps
  • PlayStation 5: 1440p / 60 FPS (PS4 per AK version)

It was noted that VRR (variable refresh rate) only available on Xbox Series X / S and PC, while HDR is reserved exclusively the Xbox Series X / S users.

Make yourself a picture of Psychonauts 2 in the following video:

Real Madrid Because of Kylian MB cape Alvaro Odriozola before lending to ACF Fiorentina

Right defendant Alvaro Odriozola is facing AC Florence before changing Real Madrid. According to information from Florence and GOAL, the two clubs have already agreed to a lending for one year, the transfer should be officially reported together shortly.

According to Spanish media reports, Fiorentina should also have a purchase option for the 25-year Spaniard after the lending expires. Odriozola, which was awarded in the second half of the season 2019/20 to FC Bayern, is under contract at the royal until 2024.

Real Madrid: Go Odriozola to make room for mb cap?

The interest Reals on PSG-striker Kylian Mbappe also plays a role in the approaching Odriozola transfer apparently. Due to a regulation of the Spanish Football Association, the Madrilenen may only have 24 active players in the squad and currently irritate the maximum. Only if a player leaves the club on 31st August before the end of the transfer period, a commitment mbappes would be possible at all.

The Disastrous Naval Split - Change It Before It's Too Late, Gaijin [War Thunder Discussion]

According to information from Florence and Goal, an offer amounted to 160 million euros for MBAPP, whose contract expires in Paris in the summer of 2022. PSG-Sports Director Leonardo confirmed on Wednesday that one refused the offer of the Spaniards.

Articles and videos about the topic
* It’s tough: return from Kroos uncertain
* Experience Laliga live and on retrieval on Dazn. Get your free month now!

Odriozola has not completed a compulsory game for Real in the current season. After the comeback of Dani Carvajal, he is only the number three at the Blancos on the right-to-death item.

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