With The Gunk, the developers of Image & Form leave their SteamWorld roots behind them and venture to an Xbox exclusive, new franchise. In the run-up to Gamescom 2021, not only new gameplay has now been shown to the action title, but also announced a release period.

The gunk gets new gameplay and a release period

** When the gunk does the gunk appear a precise release date yet The Gunk has not yet, but after all, we now know that the game will appear in December 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. Xbox Game pass subscribers get the gunk right on the launch day.

Here you can watch the new gameplay:

What’s in the game? In the Gunk it should go to two friends, traveling around in space and collect with their collapsers’ troupe (so steal) to help them. During this ludatory tour, they land on a supposedly dead planet on which the parasite gunk drives his misrepresentation. And then is the question: help or do not help?

Colleague Tobi is already looking forward to The Gunk and has already presented the action adventure within Fyng:

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