The Publisher Nekki and the developer BANZAI GMAES have announced the team-based action game Spine. It should be launched for PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PC and mobile systems. The makers did not call a publication date.

It will be unique

Below these lines you can see a first trailer for Spine, which grants a cinemaeifen insight into the game. The official (and very PR-lusty) game description is available. From unique characters, unique heroes and a unique camera guide is the speech. On top of that there is an extraordinary kinematographic experience, fighting with stunning scenes and adrenalingeladene clashes with opposing teams.

Ultimately, a title awaits you with Spine, in which the players choose a hero and their reflexes with the help of the eponymous spine technology to immeasurable. Facted is followed in a dystopic world, whose future should be influenced. Optionally, you can compete for freedom or become the monitor of the almighty system.

In the course of the fighting you can handle with near and spacecraft, shoot in jump, block balls with a Katana and master wallruns. Even in the chaos of the struggle, Spine shows the precision and grace of your actions in the best possible way, says the further description.

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The arenas in which you deal with the enemies are inspired by action films. And while you progress in Spine, you will learn more about the destinies, stories and fight styles of the heroes, according to the manufacturer. Below the initially mentioned trailer for Spine. As soon as more information about the game is followed, we let it know.

Other messages to Spine.

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