Already last year Hades hit the PC and the switch as a bomb, now the Roguelike also conquers PS5 and Xbox Series X | S in the storm and is according to Metacritik the best game for the Next-Gen consoles. But why?

Best game for PS5 & Xbox Series: Hades climbs the console Olympus

After his start to the early access phase 2018, the Roguelike Hades appeared in the fall of 2020 for the PC and the Nintendo Switch and could draw countless players in his spell. Hades definitely belongs to one of the game highlights of the last year.

Recently, the hit now appeared for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles – and also hit a bomb there. A quick look at Metacriti reveals: Hades is according to the reviews with a metascore of 94 (Xbox Series X), or 93 points (PS5) the currently best game for PS5 and Xbox Series (Source: Metacritic).

On the PS5, Hades can overtake the former top rider Demon’s Souls (Metascore: 92 Points) and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 (Metascore: 90 Points).

On the Xbox Series, on the other hand, it encounters the Microsoft Flight Simulator (Metascore: 90 Points) from the throne and leaves IT TAKES Two (Metascore: 89 points) behind.

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What about Hades so special?

Hades does not reinstate the Roguelike wheel, yet it stands the complete genre on a completely new Live l. Developer Supergiant Games has equipped the game with an action-rich combat system, which is easy to go from the hand, but will not be undemanded at any time. In addition, Hades is full of interesting details, a grabbing story and ingenious humor looking for its kind.

This combination ensures that, above all, the players who can do nothing with Roguelikes so nothing should give a chance – the game could surprise you.