John Legend - Darkness and Light (Audio) ft. Brittany Howard
Black Funny is a one-act farce by Peter Shaffer, very first done in 1965. The property of the item is that light and dark are transposed, so that when the stage is lit the cast are supposed to be in darkness and only when the stage is dark are they expected to be able to see each various other as well as their environments. A young sculptor as well as his future wife have obtained some pricey antique furnishings from a neighbour’s flat without his approval to thrill an elderly millionaire art collection agency. When the power stops working, the neighbor returns early, other individuals also arrive suddenly, and also matters come down right into near-chaos.

Already last year, the Publisher Zelart and the Publisher Hypetrain Digital announced the brutal demon hunt There’s no light for the consoles and the PC.

After it was unclear when the title is supposed to see the light of the world in the end, the two studios now bordered the release period roughly and announced that There is no light will appear in November this year. Suitable for this announcement was also published a new trailer for the brutal 2D adventure.

The last hope of humanity

In There is no light, the players swing up to the last hope of humanity and take the fight against a threat that emanates from powerful demons. The playful features of There is No Light belongs to the Rage system that the players rewarded an offensive and aggressive style with various bonuses and advantages.

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Added to the opportunity to experience a nonlinear story and to cut the character with appropriate weapons and skills individually on their own playing style. At the same time, players with their actions actively influence the further development of the game world.

There is no light is published for the PC, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and Nintendos Switch.

Further messages to there is no light.

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