With the Xbox Series X | S Gamers have the opportunity to experience real Next-Gen feeling. But on the consoles, not only new triple-a-games, but also classics from the PS1 era in 4k – at least then, when something is helped.

Briefly after the release of the Xbox Series X | S, Gamers have found that Microsoft’s new consoles can also be used as emulators. A new video now shows how well PS1 classics with an emulator port on the new Xbox generation appears in 4k.

XBox Series X | S: Emulator brings PS1 classic in 4k to the screen

The Emulator Duckstation is a popular choice for classics from the PS1 era. With a port for the Xbox Series X | S, these games can now be gambled on Microsoft’s current consoles – albeit about some detours. The emulator can only be installed manually, If the console is in Developer mode . For this reason and because of the legal problems that an emulator brings with it, the use of duckstation on the Xbox Series X | S is not recommended.

However, Youtuber Modern Vintage Gamer has not stopped it and his experience shared with the PlayStation-1 emulator on the Xbox – and the game classics are remarkably liquid in the ultra-HD resolution.

_Show you here the video of Modern Vintage Gamer: _

(Source: Modern Vintage Gamer, YouTube)

PS1 emulator runs on Microsoft’s Next-Gen consoles

With Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider and Silent Hill shows modern vintage gamer groundbreaking games hits, which have established the PlayStation as a gaming platform in the 1990s – only they run in a sharp resolution with slight graphic improvements a far more advanced console generation. Even if installing an emulator on the Xbox Series X | S should not be re-emphasized, the results look quite exciting.

_In our video we show you what we gather in August in the editorial office: _

Apart from the PS1 emulator, similar ways of other consoles to the Xbox Series X | S, such as the Xbox Series X | S, could also be gambled – such as the PlayStation 2, the Gamecube or the Nintendo DS.