The best 4K TVs with HDMI 2.1, 120 fps and low input lag for PS5 and Xbox Series X we introduce you to our purchase advice. Tips on TV purchase for Next-Gen.

On November 10, 2020, the Xbox Series X appeared and on 19 November 2020 followed the release of the PS5. Both Next gene consoles offer significantly improved performance over the previous generation around the PS4 and Xbox One.

In order to be able to use the resulting opportunities, many thoughts are about a new TV. The market is full of 4K TVs, but not all models offer the features that you want for a 4K gaming TV and needs.

Therefore, we show you only 4K TVs in this purchase advice, which meet all the conditions for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Accordingly, these topics await you:

  • What is important for a 4K gaming TV?
  • Why you should pay attention to HDMI 2.1 for PS5 and Xbox Series X
  • The best 4K gaming TVs from LG
  • The best 4K gaming TVs from Sony
  • The best 4K gaming TVs from Samsung

Current 4K TV Offers: For media market, thanks to a cashback action, there are currently the LG OLED 2021 for the new top price.

Which properties are important for 4K gaming TVs?

This is important for Gaming 4K TVs: If you want to buy a 4K TV to play with this, you should pay attention to a few properties. First of all, it should have a low input LAG below 20-25 ms. This is usually enabled using a special gaming mode.

Even more details you can see in the games when the 4k TV sets a very good HDR. Best of current standards such as HDR10 + or HDR10 PRO. It would be particularly good if the TV also has Dolby Vision. This is also an HDR technique, but offers the normal HDR, however, the advantage that the metadata can be stored for each scene and every frame. This results in an even better picture.

It is also recommended to pay attention to the TV on its top brightness. The 4K TV should have a value of at least 600 cd / m². Very good would be something in the range of 700 to 800 cd / m².

Furthermore, it is advantageous if the TV has Freesync or G-SYNC. These two characteristics are especially important when you want to connect your gaming PC to the TV.

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Small checklist Important 4K gaming properties:

  • Low input lag (less than 25ms, possibly via GAME mode)
  • HDR10 +
  • High top brightness (from 600 cd / m²)
  • For PS5 & Xbox Series X: HDMI 2.1 with VRR and Allm
  • An advantage: Freesync or G-Sync (especially with TV usage with PC)

OLED or LED? This is important

Important for a top TV: If you are still looking for movies or series in 4K with the TV, you should also pay attention to the picture quality. The OLED display offers the best color and black values ​​and the best television experience.

The risk of burning is no longer really given to OLEDs. Especially by appropriate protective mechanisms. In certain cases, the image is shifted by a pixel to change the position of bright elements at a minimum of. In addition, the screensaver protects against the rampart.

What is that burn-up? Especially at the beginning of OLED TVs, there was the problem that static images like the logo of a TV channel could be in the image burning. Whereby it is not a real burning, but an uneven aging of the individual pixels. The luminosity of OLED pixels leaves over time. So static images make simply ensuring that the pixels agree faster at these places and thus becomes visible to the viewer.

In today’s OLEDs, however, this happens in private use extremely rare. You have to run the TV for several months on the same station throughout to have such an effect. According to a long-term test of, however, there is no deterioration of the luminous strength or any burn-ins even after more than 5,000 hours.

LED TVs are LCD TVs with LED backlight. Although they are black not as good as an OLED, they achieve a significant higher peak brightness and still offer partly rich colors, as well as a strong contrast. Finally, it is a matter of price. OLEDs usually cost a few hundred euros more than LED TVs.

For the best possible gaming and television experience we recommend the OLED TVs. Otherwise, the QLEDs of Samsung and Full Array LEDs are recommended.

That’s why you want HDMI 2.1 for PS5 & Xbox Series X

Maximum performance of the Next-Gen consoles: HDMI 2.1 is the most important property for a 4K TV if you want to use all the possibilities of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Only with HDMI 2.1 is a TV possible to play games in 4K and 120 fps. For older standards, the limit is 60 fps. However, the new consoles will allow more than 60 fps, depending on the game, and so you can only experience this with HDMI 2.1.

With HDMI 2.1 you also get the following important features: Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) . VRR is comparable to Freesync and G-Sync. It allows a variable refresh rate, which prevents frame-tearing (ie slating the pictures).

Allm automatically switches to the lowest latency mode. As a result, you get the best input-lay, without you need to do something extra.

4K-Gaming TV from LG: OLED & Large selection

At LG, there have been very good OLED televisions for years, which have even been via HDMI 2.1 since 2019.

LG OLED 2021: The best 4K TVs for PS5 & Xbox Series X

LG OLED 2021 with HDMI 2.1: The 4K TV from LG from 2021 offers a stronger processor in progress. The B1 model relies on the fourth generation alpha-7 and the C1 model on the fourth generation alpha-9.

In addition, they offer HDMI 2.1 with all the necessary features such as Allm, VRR, G-Sync and Freesync. To do this, awaits you a great picture and Dolby Vision IQ. G

ERADE The LG OLED C1 is now the top model for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Nevertheless, the models from 2020 must not hide.

LG OLED 2021 buy:

  • Buy LG OLED B1 at Amazon *
  • Buy LG OLED C1 at Amazon *

LG OLED 2020: Great alternative to the current models

2020 OLED entry-level models as a reasonable price: LG has already set at the OLED televisions in 2020 on HDMI 2.1 and through the entry-level models there are particularly favorable possibilities a 4k TV for the Next gene Consoles to buy.

The B series LG OLED 2020 set a slightly weaker processor and provide less peak brightness than the C series. Nevertheless, with the LG OLED BX 2020, you will get everything your gaming 4k TV needs.


However, if you want the best quality, you should grab the 2020-CX model, as you will receive the better processor and the better picture there.

2020er OLED models of the top class: The LG OLEDCX model offers you the best possible TV quality with the best possible gaming experience. The TV has everything you need to play and for great film / serial evenings.

Our recommendation For those looking for the perfect mix of gaming and home cinema.

  • LG OLED48CX9LB, 48 inch buy at Amazon *
  • LG OLED65CX9LB, 65 inches buy at Mediamarkt *

Other HDMI 2.1 TVs from LG: In addition to the OLED models, LG is still the Nanocell TVs that have HDMI 2.1.

  • LG NANO86 Model 2021 buy at Amazon *

In the video of technology expert technology fault you get an impression of what the LG CX can afford.

Sony XH90: Only one model with HDMI 2.1

Sony KE-XH9005: Suitable to the PlayStation 5 is available from Sony the XH90 4K TV. This has a Full Array LED display. Thus, the whole screen is divided into zones whose brightness can be adapted to the scene. He offers a really good top brightness and convinces with its price-performance ratio.

Sony advertises the TV with Ready for PlayStation 5. The necessary firmware update for the Sony XH90 has been available since the end of October 2020.

Buy Sony XH90 at Saturn *

Theoretically, the Sony XH8 is equipped with HDMI 2.1. However, this is an 8K TV. The resolution shoots out of our point of view over the target and at the high prices of the TV, it makes more sense to buy a LG OLED.

Samsung 4K TV with HDMI 2.1: QN85A, QN90A & QN95A

Samsung with several HDMI 2.1 models: The Samsung Qled TVs from 2021 offer almost all HDMI 2.1. Excluded are only the models Q70A and Q80A with 50 inch or less, as well as the Q60A series.

Otherwise you can buy the Samsung QLED Q70A, QLED Q80A, QLED QN85A, QLED QN90A and QLED QN95A. All have HDMI 2.1, apart from the above exceptions. The entry-level models Q70A and Q80A are currently hardly available.

A very good price-performance ratio offers QN85A and the best possible Samsung 4K TV you will receive with the QN95A. This has a very high peak brightness with up to 2,000 cd / m².

  • Samsung QLED Q80A with 1x HDMI 2.1 from 55 inches at Mediamarkt *
  • Samsung QLED QN85A with 1x HDMI 2.1 buy at Mediamarkt *
  • Samsung QLED QN90A with 1x HDMI 2.1 buy at Mediamarkt *
  • Samsung QLED QN95A with 4x HDMI 2.1 buy at Mediamarkt *

Philips OLED 4K TV with HDMI 2.1

Since 2021 ready for PS5 & Xbox Series X: Philips has equipped its new OLED models in 2021 with HDMI 2.1. All three that we imagine have two HDMI 2.1 connections.

Corner data for Philips OLED706:

  • Display: OLED
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Processor: P5 Generation 5
  • HDR: HDR10, HDR10 +, Dolby Vision, HLG
  • Smart TV system: Android TV 10
  • Tone: 50 watts 2.1 sound system
  • HDMI 2.1: Earc, VRR, 4K @ 120Hz, Allm
  • Foot concept: 2 feet of two-tone metal
  • Ambilight: three-sided

Corner data for Philips OLED806:

  • Display: OLED
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Processor: P5 Generation 5
  • HDR: HDR10, HDR10 +, Dolby Vision, HLG
  • Smart TV system: Android TV 10
  • Tone: 50 watts 2.1 sound system
  • HDMI 2.1: Earc, VRR, 4K @ 120Hz, Allm
  • Foot concept: 2 feet of two-tone metal
  • Ambilight: four-sided

Corner data for Philips OLED856:

  • Display: OLED
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Processor: P5 Generation 5
  • HDR: HDR10, HDR10 +, Dolby Vision, HLG
  • Smart TV system: Android TV 10
  • Tone: 50 watts 2.1 sound system
  • HDMI 2.1: Earc, VRR, 4K @ 120Hz, Allm
  • Foot concept: Swivel chrome-plated foot
  • Ambilight: four-sided

Philips OLED 2021 with HDMI 2.1 buy:

  • Philips OLED706 4K TV buy at Mediamarkt *
  • Buy Philips OLED806 4K TV at Mediamarkt *
  • Buy Philips OLED856 4K TV at Saturn *

Thanks to OLED technology, all televisions have a very good picture, although LG OLED TVs are even better. However, if you attach importance to Ambilight, Philips’ 2021 OLED models without hesitation strike for its consoles.

So now you know what you should pay attention to a TV you buy for the new consoles. But are you already sure which console should be? We have compared the next gene and can help you with the decision:

PS5 vs Xbox Series X – Who should buy which console?

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