David Lowery (born December 26, 1980) is an American filmmaker.
His original job Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (2013 ), starring Rooney Mara and also Casey Affleck, was nominated for the Grand Jury Reward at the 2013 Sundance Film Celebration. In 2016, he routed the Disney movie Pete’s Dragon (2016 ), a live-action movie which he had co-written. It was a brand-new job freely based upon the same original story as the Disney 1977 musical of the same name. In 2018, he directed The Old Male & the Gun. In 2021, he directed the critically acclaimed dream legendary The Environment-friendly Knight.

The announcement of Marvel’s Midnight Suns during La Gamescom did not stop intrigue, especially when Jake Solomon, the game director announced that the title does not share mechanisms with the previous games of those who were responsible: Xcom and Xcom 2. With the new trailer of the game (which does not show too much, the truth) and the exclusive video of IGN a little lower, which is much more complete, now we have a general idea of ​​what we are going to find in this tactical adventure of superheroes.

new game information

Contrary to what had been said in some sites, The group will not be 4 superhero but of 3 , including our character, the hunter. As you can see in the images, the struggles seem to take place in areas full of enemies using 3 skill letters during each turn, probably one by hero.

It contributes a certain random dimension to the fights, but that is not always bad. Build a mallet, choose combinations of heroes, each with your own letter, and form combos with these techniques can give an interesting result. Many games of this kind do it bad, but some also do it very well, an example that is often cited in this area is Slay the Spire . But it is too early to emit judgments.

This will save us some of the great problems we have found in the Saga Xcom and other similar games, for example, with the abuse of cooling skills. As well as the predominance of the so-called alpha attack tactics, that is, eliminate enemies in the first shift without giving them time to act.

We can see in the images of the game that in addition to the 3 letters plated in each shift, you have an indicator of heroism consumed to use the most powerful techniques. Also you have a movement by hero and per turn , which suggests once again that not everything will be played on maps, but also in your positioning. It also has the ability to remove cards from your hand.

The powers of the letters will be very varied, this includes attacks, bonuses, cures, control techniques, as well as _ultimates _ ** super heroic accompanied by a scene.

Action cards can also be improved in different ways, either through a training system, the forge, or by establishing links with other characters.

Environmental management will also be important, you will be able to configure the objectives of your techniques, its sequence, as well as the direction of the projections. This will launch enemies to each other, or will put an obstacle green, or even in vacuo. Potentially, we can see the influence of Mario + Rabbids in this area.

Trading Cards and microtransractions

An element that necessarily scares when we talk about letters, and all the abusive monetization that usually accompanies it. It is true that the vast majority of game card games are free and are designed for mobile phones, and tend to depend to a large extent on the booty boxes and other gambling mechanisms.

It is inevitable to keep in mind that 2K has a particularly critical reputation in this area with the Saga NBA 2K in recent years, which in theory are paid with AAA as full games, but with free monetization that is rebooted annually, as FUT . Suffice it to say that players’ concerns are more than legitimate. The study responded quickly to the unwrenges of the public in this area with the publication below.

No payment element will allow you to get new letters or improve them. Microtransractions will be limited to cosmetic items as hero costumes or similar.

This leads to another question: What about PC modification? Usually, games that are based on the sale of Skins are not very open to modifications, and Marvel’s license can also complicate things, since the editor probably does not want players to do anything with their characters. By allowing it or not, this obviously will not prevent PC players from doing it if they really want, but it can complicate things.

The abbey and social relations

The base of Midnight Suns focuses on the hunter that we embarrassed had been asleep for three centuries. You can explore the interior in real time with a third-person view. You can chat and socialize with the other heroes, which will give you the option of different types of response. As the characters each have their own character, ** will prefer certain types of response.

The icons were present next to the possible answers, we can assume that this will help you discern the tone and message you want to convey. For example, if a certain hero prefers a positive attitude (Captain America?) While others will prefer a more cynical tone (Lobezno?).

It has been confirmed that will not be possible to engage in a romance with the other heroes , which is expected since all have personalities and stories that are already well established. This will simply serve to establish real links with the cast and to integrate you, in the same way that the heroes are already known more or less for a long time.

In any case , anyone can become a very close friend if you choose the right answers and activities . This will also allow you to unlock new cards or improve others. Therefore, we should not neglect this facet of the game.

One thing is true, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is very different from what we imagine , which explains the often negative comments of the community. It is impossible to say if the game will be good or not at this time, but it is rare to see a study leave so far from its comfort zone in an attempt to innovate. It is true that using XCom’s mechanics with a Marvel mask would not have been very interesting, so Reinvention is appreciated . You can already see what the most powerful characters of Xcom 2 give as the Templars when they go up from level and the trivial that do the difficulty. Trying to balance a game that focused solely on characters of this kind would undoubtedly have turned out to be a lost cause.

2K and FIRAXIS will not ignore the comments of the community , and the previews with the game in the hand will soon arrive, which will actually judge the potential of Midnight Suns.

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