The Midnight Sons is a fictional group of mythological superheroes showing up in American comic publications released by Marvel Comic books. Including Hellstrom, Jennifer Kale, Morbius, Monster by Night, Physician Strange, as well as Ghost Bikers Danny Yacht as well as Johnny Blaze, the team first appeared in Ghost Cyclist # 28 (August 1992). From December 1993– August 1994, Marvel branded all tales including the team with an unique family imprint and also cover treatment.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns relies on a collective card principle and relationship system, how to show first gameplay videos.

After the announcement of Marvel’s Midnight Suns on Gamescom a week ago, Fireaxis Games has now published first gameplay material. On the one hand, there is an official trailer and on the other hand a video that explains you in more than six minutes to what kind of play it is and what its basic elements are. It shows: With XCOM, the whole thing has little to do – less than we thought after the announcement that it was a tactic RPG.

Yes, just like in the strategy games in which you defend the earth against Aliens, round-based battles form the centerpiece. But in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, they work very differently. Firaxis puts here on a collecting card system. But now does not think of Hearthstone, but rather Slay the Spire, which does not mean that it is a Rogue-Like. But which skills can use your heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns depends on which cards are available to you. On Twitter, the developers have assured that there will be no lootboxes and their cards generally can not buy for real money. Only purely cosmetic skins Publisher 2K Games should rinse additional money in the cash registers.

In the battles in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, not only the skills of Iron Man, Wolverine, Blade, other well-known heroes and your main character Hunter play an important role, but also the environment. Their textures can be used for your advantage. For example, the following video is a scene to see, in which it goes on a house roof to the point. With special skills, the enemies can be reached from the roof.

If you are in Marvel’s Midnight Suns just not struggling, you explore the abbey as Hunter in third-person perspective, which serves the Midnight Suns as a central office. Here is your talks with the other stretching to strengthen relationships with you. You can jointly engage with them, each character has their own preferences. Deep friendships free your mighty cards.

This structure is very reminiscent of the latest Fire Emblem of Nintendo. In Three Houses, round-based battles change with the exploration of the school, in which their time spends with other characters and builds bonds to them. Firaxis is unlikely to be able to point to the Japanese mix of strategy and roleplaying.

By the way: Next week, there are again material to Marvel’s Midnight Suns. On September 7, we will see more gameplay in which Hunter and Wolverine fight against Sabretooth.