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2K and Marvel Entertainment gave an exciting first insight into the genre-defining tactic gameplay of the Genre-defining tactic gameplay for the world premiere of the Gameplays of Marvel’s Midnight Suns and a new page of the legendary Marvel hero. The players experience an unforgettable adventure that dips deep into the darker side of Marvel.

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the players take over the role of Hunter – the first personalized original hero or heroine in the Marvel Universe, which is awakened for a century-long sleep to lead the Midnight Suns to which the Avengers, X-Men, Runaways and others belong.

Forced to join in to face Lilith, the mother of the demons, which is also the mother of Hunter, the Midnight Suns have to rise and face the fallen allies against the darkness, because the fate of the world is up The game.

We are very happy about working with Marvel to create Marvel’s Midnight Suns. This is not just a sensational, original orientation for company, we also have a rewarding partnership with Marvel while telling new stories in your world, says Steve Martin, Studio President at Firaxy Games.

As Hunter you start every day in Marvel’s Midnight Suns in the abbey, the last safe refuge in front of Liliths demonic influence, which is also the mystical secret association.

The players can move freely through the abbey in the third-person shoulder perspective and greet their heroic college before leaving their missions.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns offers a new, captivating and extremely adaptable tactical combat system that rewards player thinking about superhero style.

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you choose up to three heroes, with whom you can move into the fight, all skills are represented by cards. Every hero and heroine, also Hunter, has a unique card set that can be geared and adapted to the player preferences and the game style.

In addition to the cards, players can also use the environment and pushing themselves, jumping and shattering their way to victory.

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns you do not learn how to fight or will gradually fight – the players and their comrades are already legends and have to combine everything in their arsenal to stop Lilith, says Jake Solomon, Creative Director at Firaxy. The cards offer a new, refreshing way of tactical orientation, through them we can play all the trumps in the design of the combat system so that every hero feels different, play and looks.

After completion of missions, it returns to the abbey, where you can develop relationships and strengthen personal connections with some of the most popular Marvel hero like Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain Marvel and other away from the battlefield.

As Hunter, players will see the heroes in new light and unlock additional skills while deepening the friendships through various activities. For example, the hero is learning through dialogue options, meet shared meetings and giving gifts.

We at Marvel always try to give our fans new and fresh experiences, and we know that people have long been with their favorite marvel hero, hanging out, says Bill Rosemann, Vice President of Creative at Marvel Games . In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, this is finally possible. We are absolutely happy with how 2K and company the mystical and darker stories from the Marvel Universe in the foreground.

It was incredibly important to us to create something that the gaming world has never seen before, explains Garth Deangelis, Senior Franchise Producer at Firaxy Games. In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the world is not just saving the world through heroic struggle – one lives together with Marvel legends, includes friendships and experiences an incredibly profound story while meeting interesting decisions that meet the timeless company gameplay.

Chad Rocco, Director of Narratives at Firaxy Games, supplemented: With all the hero from Avengers, X-Men, Runaways and more we have a particularly interesting and diverse group of hero, which are not always an opinion. It is the task Hunters to build bridges between the veteran and the newlyling in the district.

After the first revelation of the gameplay, company will give a deeper insight into the fight on September 7 Gameplay Stream on September 7th. Spectators can be there on September 7th from 20:30.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns launches in March 2022 and will be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.