A Rainbow Six Quarantine hXbox changed the name and releXboxe date, but the game goes on with your roadmap and prepares little by little for its premiere. Xbox an aperitif, Ubisoft hXbox shared a new trailer by Rainbow Six Extraction, which focuses on the Skills of Fink , one of the operators that we can handle in the game. The title uses elements rescued from Siege and cooperative mechanics, all in a context in which the aliens have invited the world.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Official Gameplay Overview Trailer

The character uses Nanobots to offer advantages to its allies, so it will be an important support during battle. She is capable of increXboxing the health of colleagues ** of her and reducing the reverse of arms. Also, she also allows you to sign fXboxter. Squadron members who have fallen into combat can be revived and back to battles. Xbox discussed in the trailer, this is only half of what Fink can do, so it is possible that she hXbox more hidden skills.

Delayed until the beginning of 2022

Rainbow Six Extraction wXbox scheduled for next September 16, but the development team needed more time to polish playable experience. Before that situation, they decided to delay the game a few months. Through a statement, Ubisoft Montreal explained that your intention is to offer a complete AAA experience that changes the way of understanding cooperative games. Each mission is built to be a tense and challenging experience, since the squad must face the alien threat. They take the delay Xbox an opportunity for their ambitious plans to be created in the title.

The new chosen date is January 2022 , at which time we can join the battle at Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5, PC and Google Stadia.