The Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S (collectively, the Xbox Series X/S) are residence video game gaming consoles created by Microsoft. They were both released on November 10, 2020 as the 4th generation of the Xbox console family members, succeeding the Xbox One family members. In addition to Sony’s PlayStation 5, likewise launched in November 2020, the Xbox Series X as well as Series S are part of the nine generation of video game consoles.Rumors regarding the gaming consoles first emerged in very early 2019, with the line overall codenamed Scarlett, as well as consisting of premium and also lower-end models codenamed Anaconda as well as Lockhart specifically. Internally, Microsoft had been satisfied with the two-console approach for the Xbox One, and prepared a comparable strategy for the fourth generation Xbox, with the target for the high-end design to a minimum of dual the efficiency of the Xbox One X. The high-end version was first teased throughout E3 2019 under the title Project Scarlett, while its name and style as Xbox Series X was revealed throughout The Game Awards later in December. In September 2020, Microsoft revealed the lower-end version as the Xbox Series S.
The Xbox Series X has greater end equipment, and also sustains greater screen resolutions (as much as 8K resolution) together with greater framework prices and also real-time ray tracing; it likewise has a high-speed solid-state drive to decrease loading times. The less costly Xbox Series S makes use of the very same CPU, however has a much less powerful GPU, has much less memory and internal storage, and also does not have an optical drive. Both gaming consoles are in reverse compatible with many previous generation Xbox games, controllers, and accessories. As part of a program Microsoft calls Smart Shipment, lots of previous generation games feature updated graphics on the Series X/S at no service charge. The gaming consoles are also compatible with the video gaming subscription service Xbox Game Pass, along with the cloud game-streaming platform Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The Xbox Games PASS Ultimate soon also allows owners from the Xbox Series X | S and the Xbox One to use the cloud gaming offer from Microsoft. For next-gene games, you do not even have a Next-Gen console.

_Update from August 25 2021: _

Whether Xbox Series X | S or Xbox One: Soon, players with old and new consoles can access the offer of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate . Microsoft announced during a stream in the course of Gamescom 2021 that Xbox Cloud Gaming is available against at the end of 2021 all subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on the consoles. (Source: Microsoft).

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The games are streamed in 1080p and with 60 fps and can be seen in the library on a small cloud symbol. Microsoft tests the cloud gaming feature from autumn in the Xbox insider program.

Next games without Next-Gen console

The new feature means that even players without Xbox Series X | S on their older Xbox One can play the latest games without having to make compromises with the quality. Many new releases and exclusive games are available from Release in the Xbox Game Pass and you do not have to download them with active subscription.

The Game Pass Library includes over 100 games , Microsoft does not reveal even if everyone can really be streamed. It is also unclear as it is about the EA play games that belong to the 13 euro expensive subscription.

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With this new feature of the Xbox One you soon do not need Series X

Even months after the launch, it is still hard to get an Xbox Series X or S. Many players therefore remain forced to be the Xbox One. But these players have no longer have to do without the latest games in Next-Gen quality.

The consoles of the latest generation are still in short supply. If you want an Xbox Series X or S, you need patience and luck. So fans of Microsoft consoles remain at the Xbox One, but that’s no reason to do without the most important of the next-gene experience: meaning, of course, the games.

Cloud gaming on the Xbox One

It was more of a border note in Microsoft’s BlogPost to its own E3 presentation, but this info could turn out for many players as a really good news. Microsoft also brings its cloud gaming offer to the Xbox One. In the post office it says:

_ For the millions of people who are currently playing on Xbox-One consoles, we look forward to explaining how we many of these Next-Gen games, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, by Xbox Cloud Gaming on your Bring consoles just as we do it with mobile devices, tablets and browsers. _

Microsoft misses the Cloud Gaming Service servers a hardware upgrade to the Xbox Series X so that players can also stream players in Next-Gen quality games.

Extended life margin for the Xbox One

By this step, Microsoft reacts to the scarcity of Next-Gen consoles and makes the old Xbox for an option for actually Next-Games exclusive games. Thus, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate remains useful for Xbox-One owners, as Cloud Gaming is included in the per month 13 Euro . Thus, for example, a game such as Starfield on the Xbox One can also be played, just like the other 41 new additions, which Microsoft has announced for the Game Pass on the E3:


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Of course, this idea stands for the individual player with the available internet speed. The transformation of the Xbox One to a streaming device for Microsoft’s Cloud Gaming could help the console to a second spring. A date from when this feature is available, there is not yet.