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\ – the player is a Hero Original Hunter Midnight Sons configuration

\ – deep, fresh combat system utilizing skill card and surroundings

\ – it communicates with the hero in a secret base ‘Abbey’, and can acquire additional skills

2K and Marvel Entertainment has released the first gameplay video of the new tactical RPG ahead of the release next March.

Battle scenes can be seen at a glance, as well as the genre can look at the new face of the legendary superhero in the Marvel dark theme. The player will assume the role of a hunter original superhero that can be customized in the first Marvel universe.

For hundreds of years, Hunter was out on a long sleep and confronted the Avengers, X-Men, the parent of release and lead the Midnight Sons with their heroes, including the runaway’s, and mother of evil for the fate of the world Hunter.

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Hunter will start the adventure from the last refuge of the monastery and secretive and mysterious base, which is not the evil influence of the release. The player can move freely around the monastery ‘shoulder view’ point and the third person may want to share a greeting with fellow hero before embarking on a mission.

The game serves the combat system available deep customization is advantageous as you use your skills superhero in a clever way.

The player picked three people to participate in the Battle of Heroes is the ability of all the heroes are displayed on the card. Each Hero, including Hunter has its own set of cards and you can change or customize the card, depending on the player’s preference and playing style. As well as cards using the surrounding environment of the hero can win victory by defeating enemies jumping milchyeonaego.

After you complete the mission the player can come back to the monastery, leaving the battlefield relationships with popular heroes of the Marvel universe, including Iron Man and Wolverine, Captain Marvel to strengthen ties.

The Hunter player to be able to look at the hero in a new light conversation or playing options, including gift giving activity in more detail to know the hero through a being can increase your likeability unlock additional abilities.

Steve Martin studios president of the pie Rock Systems Games is very excited to create a Marvel and collaboration was amazing job, but yet also the direction of the pie lock system had originally want to go, and wrote a new story of the Marvel world kicked really rewarding is that, he said.

Bill Rose million Creative Executive Vice President of Marvel Games’s Marvel has always tried to bring a new and fresh experience for fans. Many people have long been aware haewatdago wanted to experience staying mingle with the Marvel superhero finally in all of this was possible. I’m happy that the 2K and pastries lock system haejun implement the mysterious and dark story of Marvel universe on the front, he said.

Jake Solomon, creative director of the pie Rock sheath The not to be strong and learn to fight or grow progressively players and fellow heroes are because it is already legendary, preventing the release of mobilizing all the weapons available should be. possible to deploy tactics to new and fresh way through the cards and played a chongryeok to develop a combat system that may look different than the feeling or appearance, style of play, each with a hero, he said.

De Gas Angeles Senior Producer for the franchise pie lock system Games that it was important to create something new that just never ever seen in a game, he said.

Followed by The simply as a hero down the battle to save the world but can also be friends lived with the legendary characters of Marvel, ppajyeodeulgo profound stories, play the pie Rock sheath game with endless fun and can make an interesting decision, he added.

In addition, Chad Rocco Narrative Director of the pie Rock Systems Games is There are included all heroes, including the Avengers, X-Men, a runaway’s, yitorok interesting and yet look different group of characters at a time difficult. giving help in linking the existing relationship between the hero and the hero will be new shares of hunter-player, he said.

Following the first gameplay video, pies rock system is scheduled to release a more battle-play video on the official website in 30 minutes at 3 am Wednesday the 8th site.

is expected to be released in March 2022 PS5, PS4, Xbox series, X and S, Xbox One, Wii switch, steam and Epic Games Store.

For more information on can visit the official website or follow on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and see.

Pie lock system is 2K Games, a publishing label 2K is an affiliated studios owned by Take-Two Interactive Software.