Midnight Suns is an upcoming tactical role play of Firaxis Games, a development team that has a ton of experience in the genre since it has developed, among other things, XCOM and Civilization series. Marvel recently revealed Midnight Suns with great pomp because he gave a unique turn to the Marvel world. Today, via Twitter, the team confirmed that the MicroTransactions of Midnight Suns will not affect the balance of the game.

The tweet, published on the official page of Midnight Suns, declared: _ Hi friends, with regard to our system of combat cards, there are no chests in Marvel’s Midnight Suns or related microtransactions to get more cards (ie gamma coils). We will have to buy purely cosmetic characters skins that will in no way affect the balance of the game. _

The team was also asked if there were cosmetic products to unlock in the game or if they were paid cosmetics. In response, the team said, _ You do not have to pay to look fresh! There will be tons of cosmetic products to unlock in the game »_ and launched a cheeky video showing various costumes.

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Microtransactions are a major topic in the game world, because some are totally opposed, while some fans allow it where it does not affect the gameplay, as in this case. Whether fans love the concept or not, it has become clear that each developer will introduce microTransactions in his game as a lootbox and others will generate a ton of profits.

Midnight Suns should go out in March 2022. Fans can check it here.

What do you think of Marvel’s midnight suns? Are you excited for launch? What do you think of microtransactions in a solo game? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

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