Phil Spencer, however, noticed that not all games are completely compatible nowadays.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently released some new information about Microsoft’s Next-Gen plans. This includes hopes to expand the brand in Japan to explain the absence of Xbox Series X-Generation exclusivity in the first one to two years. In the same interview with Gamerad Radio, however, Spencer has also published some interesting news for downward compatibility for the console.

Neverwinter- Everything is WAI - Episode 4

Spencer noted that all Xbox One titles should work with Xbox 360 titles that are supported on this console. It is also involved in the development of work titles that are backwards for Series X, which means that a variety of titles are started. I’ll try it. It is in the active development and is sometimes restarted. Not all games are completely compatible today. We work at our list of approved games. You can see what I games; There are tons of games that work.

Spencer also spoke a little about the console user interface and noticed: It’s obviously much faster than the Xbox One. And even if things run a little faster, there are some things on the user interface that you need to consider. Finally, he found in relation to charging times that the benefits of a solid-state drive are immediately obvious. If I’m a bit faster in my Destiny Strike Lade than you, that’s might my box, he said (of course with a good mood).

The Xbox Series X is available at Christmas time. It is started together with halo infinite, which also comes to PC and Xbox One. Senuas Saga: Hell Blade 2, which was revealed together with the console at The Game Awards 2019, is exclusive to you, although it takes a while until it is released.

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