The newly revealed video game Sol of Midnight from Marvel will not only see players face enemies with Marvel heroes, but will also allow them to hang out with several characters in a kind of base called Abbey. While they are there, players can improve their relationships with people like Iron Man or Wolverine. In other videogames, this is often directly related to the ability to develop romantic relationships with those characters, but according to developers, that is something that will not be present in Midnight’s midnight. In other words, there are many letters involved in the videogame, but kissing Dr. Strange is not in them.

The idea is that when you maximize your friendship with these characters, you are so close to them like any other person in the Marvel Universe. But yes, not romantic . _ Midnight from Marvel_ Creative Director Jake Solomon told IGN as part of an interview. [T] oxidame, if I could fall in love with Blade, I would. But yes, it is more a case that these are very well defined characters. Then, on the other hand, it is a deep, profound friendship .

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This is how it describes 2k sol of midnight from Marvel, in case that somehow you have lost it:

Through a twisted marriage of magic and science, the infamous force known as Hydra has revived Lilith, Mother of Demons, after centuries of sleep. Lilith will not stop at anything to complete an ancient prophecy and summon the evil master of her, cthon. On the edge, the avengers desperately look for fire with Hellfire by obtaining the help of the Midnight Suns: Nico Minoru, Blade, Magik and Ghost Rider, young heroes with deeply rooted powers in the supernatural, trained to avoid the prophecy that Lilith intends to fulfill . Together, they rise to an old warrior: the hunter, the abandoned son of Lilith and the only hero who knows that he defeated her.

Marvel_ Midnight _Sol is scheduled to launch for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam and Epic Games Store in March 2022. Not yet been announced Definitive release date. You can check all our previous coverage of the next MARVEL brand video game here.

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