In particular by the success of the PS5, Xbox Series X / S and Switch, the videoludic sector still records record numbers. Here is our selection of the best video games not to be missed this year on consoles, pc and smartphones.

It should be noted that this selection will be led to evolve over the months and will therefore be regularly updated according to the writing of the writing of Switch and our partner video games magazine.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

It’s a worship duo in the history of video game. Ratchet Le Lombax and Clank The little robot, live with crazy adventures since 2002. The game comes out on the Playstation 2 . After a fifteen different games in almost twenty years, Ratchet & Clank come back in an unprecedented and colorful version, entitled Rift Apart, who intends to let the abilities of the new PS5 console of Sony even if the adventure is much more than a simple technical demo.

More cartoon than ever, the game looks indeed like a real interactive cartoon while reinfining the cult characters of the saga. The sequences of dialogues, in French, follow with a total fluidity to the often spectacular action scenes. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart propels in any case the players in a new technological dimension even if it resumes wisely the ingredients specific to the saga. If we are not surprised, we remain bluffed by the beauty of some levels and the obvious mastery of the studio. The title suggests the abilities of the new generation consoles, Playstation 5 in the lead and already wants to be in 2022.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Sony, exit June 11 on PS5.

Resident Evil Village

Eighth episode of the famous horror saga created 25 years ago, Resident Evil Village propels us into a sinister village of Eastern Europe. Ethan Winters, hero of this adventure, will go looking for his pink daughter, kidnapped by the mysterious Miranda mother and her furious acolytes.

From the outset Re8 sets the tone with monsters that arise on all sides and an Ethan who shoots all that moves. View for the first person obliges, we sometimes feel like playing a FPS both Gun Fights are numerous. The pump rifle is here our best friend. This does not prevent this new opus from delivering a journey to the dark atmosphere, sometimes suffocating. A sublimated atmosphere thanks to the decorations of beauty with, on PS5 and Xbox Series X ultra realistic light effects. Beautiful, intense, sometimes nicely flipping, this episode, while being very action, turns out quickly. A shooter in horror film mode more than a survival horror.

Resident Evil Village, Capcom, on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC and Stadia.

Monster Hunter Rise

Long confined to Asia in general and Japan in particular, the saga, born in 2004, has been a worldwide success in 2017 with Monster Hunter: World on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with more than 16 million sales. With this success, the Japanese Capcom publisher thus puts on the cover with a brand new exclusive cynegetic adventure to the Nintendo console. Difficult not to be blown away by the graphic quality of the game and that, from the first minutes.

The publisher did not play the recycling card even if the Monster Hunter formula remains unchanged. We walk along, alone or in a group because the game is played once again online, as soon as we subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online service, but also locally.

Monster Hunter Rise is part of these video games that require a real personal investment to be appreciated. The price to pay somehow to discover an incredibly rich universe.

Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom, on Switch.

Super Mario 3D World

Nintendo continues portages on Switch from the best video games of his mascot. The Moustachu IndeTrônable comes to accompany this month of February with Super Mario 3D World, a title released on Wii U in 2013 and offers a fanfare return with, bonus, an unprecedented adventure: Bower’s Fury.

For players who were going next to this game a few years ago, remember that Super Mario 3D World mixed the best of 3D so and levels thought to be explored in the manner of a world in 2D. A particular choice that places this episode apart in the saga that had taken a very different turn since the unforgettable Super Mario 64 (1996).

If some players had regretted not having been entitled to Super Mario 3D World in the compilation Super Mario 3D All Stars published at the end of last year, here are their expectations finally rewarded. Like any good Mario game, this opus deserved its place in the Ludothèque Switch, while the commercial failure of the Wii U had not offered the success that this game would have deserved. Back in 2021, Mario is in great shape in a rich and friendly game that even pays the luxury of having an unprecedented story through the very successful Bowser’s Fury. A good way to wait before a next opus of the adventures of the moustachu with the blue overalls.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, Nintendo, on Switch.

IT Takes Two

You no longer support your half? IT Takes Two invites you to reconnect with her the time of a funny, intense and intelligent adventure. Remember, it’s also like that she too see her before … everyone has her specialty. After Brothers A Tale of Two Sounds (2013) then a Way Out (2018), the artist Josef Fares delivers a new and amazing adventure that starts with a couple decided to separate. An original game that can only be played … than two.

May and Cody form a couple exhausted at the edge of the nerve crisis. They can no longer have this life as a couple they suffer more than anything else. Their little girl, pink, does not want, like all children, that his parents divorce. With the complicity of a magic book, the book of love, this will try to rabibocate his parents of a strange way. Some tears paid will be enough to transform the disillusioned parents into wooden dolls and precipitated cloth into a disproportionate universe.

Placed under the sign of mutual aid and cooperation, IT Takes Two allows two players / players to experience an experience except by creating a real link between the two protagonists. Without being united, the concept here the merit of being perfectly dosed and to renew itself intelligently and fun.

IT Takes Two, Electronic Arts, on PS4, Xbox One and PC (also Compatible PS5 and Xbox Series X / S).

SOLASTA: Crown of the Magister

Inspired by the illustrious role play Donjons & Dragons, Solasta invites the player to live an adventure placed under the sign of the Heroic Fantasy. RPG requires, the title takes place a real scenario. If the plot starts in a conventional way, it quickly becomes exciting between plots, magic gem quests and mysterious invasion.

Beyond the only dialogues that punctuate the adventure, the title proposes, perhaps above all, epic battles. The French designers of Tactical Adventures, deliver a game where the fighting are tactical and exciting. We guide here four adventurers facing hordes of enemies. Each character in his turn must move, hide, fight, throw spells, heal … it’s beautiful, it’s accessible, it’s taking and well written. A real competitor in Baldur’s Gate and a real good game for all D & D enthusiasts.

SOLASTA: Crown of the Magister, Tactical Adventures, PC


If the trapper trappers are at the idea of ​​playing at Breath of the Wild 2, Nintendo has chosen to put the fans of Link and Zelda with a Skyward Sword HD remake. An expected title for July 16th and which will take us to the origins of hyrule legends. In this title released on Wii ten years ago, the story tells us the origins of the divine sword that will make Link the legendary hero that we know. Above all, this episode invites us to leave on an air trip, beyond the clouds to discover lost islands, while dungeons to enemies and riddles are hiding in the depths.

Appreciated in his time, but late late on a wii at the end of the race, this version HD on Switch will also take advantage of an update of his gameplay to make it more intuitive, while it will always be possible to use the Joy -Con to handle sword, bow and shield thanks to the motion detectors if desired. A title that should a priori delight the fans of Saga Zelda who always celebrates 35 years this year.


Psychonauts 2

When you get on the couch, it’s usually to confide. But for Razputin (Raz for the intimate) the meanders of the brain deserve to be explored. After prowing up as a psychokineseist in 2005 in a first-color album, Raz is therefore offered this year a well-deserved suite in Psychonauts 2 – released this week – thanks to a particularly intelligent and funny concept for a game platforms. Our friend is now a full member of the Psychonauts, a hero unit capable of entering the disturbed minds of great wicked in order to put them back in the right path by putting order in their brain. In the way of interpretation, Christopher Nolan’s film, our hero will change the mentality of his enemy by transforming his way of thinking. But reset on mission for an inner adventure still full of surprises. Playing 100% The Humor Card with often twisting replicas, Double Fine Production developers are got in my heart. The psychedelic universe from the atmosphere of the sixties wonderfully marries with the artistic direction that is reminiscent of the universes at Tim Burton (Beetlejuice, the strange Christmas of Mr. Jack) with more pop colors. Throughout this odyssey, we remain amazed at the inventiveness of the explored levels, who ask players to triturate meninges, while making their zygomatic work. A real pleasure.

Psychonauts 2, Majesco / Xbox Game Studios, on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, PC.

Scarlet Nexus

For fans of animated and mangas, Scarlet Nexus is displayed as an excellent choice. Out of consoles and PCs, this Japanese RPG action takes us into a future where humanity has to face its greatest threat: others. Beings from another world to revel in our brains. At the same time, some humans have developed psychic powers. And the best engages in the BEA (extermination brigade of others). It is within this group of elite soldiers, with super powers, that the player will be able to embody choosing, young Yuito or Kasane. One is an experienced young man, the other a thoughtful young woman but both possess a psychokinese gift, able to move objects remotely. Each of their history will make them face the others in epic battles.

Thought like a good shônen, Scarlet Nexus put up above all on the action to offer a real visual fireworks on the stage of the scenes of furiously rhythmic fighting. The combos are then chained and one can activate its psychic powers to repel or annihilate the waves of enemies and impressive bosses. This is the strong point of Scarlet Nexus which offers throughout its narrative a very wide range of powers actually enjoyable to activate, giving rise to very stylized duels. However, the empty of the decorations and the phases of dialogues, where do we follow from series of drawings without great ambition. Too bad, because it hurts the two scenarios developed for our two heroes who, however, offer excellent twists. With a little more panache and budget, Scarlet Nexus could have reached peaks. Rest a very good game that deserves a follow-up at the height of its initial ambitions.

Scarlet Nexus, Bandai Namco, on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5 and PC.

F1 2021

The series of F1 20xx has no longer presents the standard extension holder of Formula 1 on consoles and PCs. For the 2021 season, Codemaster gratifies us with an even further simulation, which offers a statement. If the graphics and immersion always push realism further, one can regret that the versions thoughts for the Xbox Series X and PS5 no longer exploit the capabilities of these two machines. Still, this F1 2021 is displayed on the top of the podium for delivering sensations of nerve and precise pipes. Above all, the pleasure of piloting is present at all levels, which one is beginner or expert from the steering wheel.

We salute in passing its history mode, baptized point of rupture, which is based on a scripted adventure between two pilots (a rookie and a veteran of the F1) which is really well built to discover the scenes of this sport. It is even possible to make this career mode with two players to exhaust on the track as teammates. At the same time, all the circuits and pilots are on the starting grid, while the multiplayer mode always proves to be demanding and exciting.

F1 2021, EA, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

The medium

When scourcing video game specialists offer an exclusive adventure at Xbox Series X / S, the result necessarily gives cold in the back. The medium is an exclusive title to the new Xbox Series X / S and PC consoles.

The adventure begins at the end of the 1990s, in Krakow (in Poland), in a small funereal pump company. This is where Marianne says goodbye to his adoptive father. It is also where the player understands that the young woman has some powers. It can indeed communicate and move in the world of spirits. A capacity that, on the screen translates into certain passages where the action is visible simultaneously on both planes. Original.

Once again, Bloober Team traces with big features the dark designs and springs of the human soul for an adventure sometimes icepiece but nevertheless attractive that has already seduced many players around the world. It closes without complex in the top of the best video games of the year.

The Medium, Bloober Team, on Xbox Series X / S and PC.

Persona 5 Strikers

Available on PS4 and Switch, Persona 5 Strikers always embarks to Tokyo where we render all the heroes of Persona 5 Royal (2020) who have completed their quest in a parallel world that polluted the Japanese city, denouncing vice, corruption and crime that came to haunt our real world.

If the fans of Persona 5 will quickly find their brands, however, has imagined this suite in another setting of gameplay, since the publisher solicited Koei Tecmo’s teams to offer us an action-oriented title. Understand that the fights pass here in real time and lorgate more on the side of Beat Them All, facing a horde of enemies.

Becoming one of the reference video games for all J-RPG fans, Persona 5 is offended with Strikers an excellent suite, able to seduce a new audience of curious accustomed to more action. However, it will be necessary to invest in this new scenario, built as a road trip under acids, with its pop demons and its trendy world, true social chronicle of our connected era.

Persona 5 Strikers, Atlude, on PS4 and Switch.


ADDING REPLICANT VER.1.22474487139 … presented under his full name, the new J-RPG of Square Enix will intrigue those and those who have never heard of it. And yet, the seasoned players were waiting for a foot firm this new version of an adventure launched in 2010.

What about this uncommonistic figure will say some? You just have to remember that it is the square root of 1.5, a facpetie of developers who intend to offer a relative of magnitude to this excellent title that founded the legend of the saga and whose most popular (and recent ) Ning: Automata has been able to magnify the concept in 2017. A remake? Yes but not a simple graphic redesign. Ning Replicant version 2021 fumbles its dialogues, expands its bestiary and reinterprets brilliant musical compositions, before having an alternative end still unpublished.

Welcomed as an unidentified videoludical object when leaving eleven years ago, denying a version at the height of his fame. The international success of denying: Automata helping, it appeared to rehabilitate a title of such a magnitude.

ADS REPLICANT VER.1.22474487139 …, Square Enix, on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The video game workshop

Why not learn squarely to program a game from A to Z? This is what the video game workshop offers. A new game-concept proposed by Nintendo this year, which allows children from 7 years, but also to the greatest to understand the workings of programming, artistic direction and gameplay.

All the facets of the development of a video game are here accessible with small characters, called Nodons, who will come to support you in your virtual workshop. Nintendo bets here on a really fun learning method. The video game workshop gives here the basics to have fun and create a Switch game. And although it is necessary to be patient to appreciate the final result, the player will mainly hold the workings they need to set up to create a video game, and why not arouse vocations?

The video game workshop, Nintendo, on Switch.

Chicory: a colorful tale

Another cute game and which will relax as well the children and the greatest, Chicory is a production particularly greeted by the gamers in recent weeks. The player embodies a small dog that puts the paw on a magic brush before being entrusted with the difficult mission of giving back colors to a totally black and white world. A role that our hero will have to take to heart because it’s all the balance of his universe that could be bunkled. It will then be necessary to show creativity and let out his soul of an artist to color everything that surrounds you.

We are not mistaken, Chicory is not a game for children only because there is a real gameplay imagined to advance his hero, in the manner of a Zelda where Link would have a brush instead of his sword. To paint objects will for example unlock certain actions or to evolve elements of the decor. We then cross Chicory with a smile on his lips and the satisfaction of the accomplished duty. An ode to creativity.

Chicory: a colorful tale, finji, on PC, Mac, PS4 and PS5.

Guilty Gear – Strive

Genuine visual bomb, Guilty Gear – Strive appears this year as one of the best Baston Games. Based on a Cell-Shading 2,5D rendering, the new Title of Arc System Works (Dragon Ball Fighterz, Granblue Fantasy Versus, Kill La Kill If, Hokuto no Ken …) Want the bearer of its expertise Make in the field. We are literally in front of an animated with stylish fighters who compete with great special effects.

While the Guilty Gear series had baston games into a new dimension in the year 2000 in the arcade rooms and on Dreamcast with Guilty Gear X, the saga enjoys a special aura after fans. If they will be confused by certain aspects of gameplay compared to its predecessors, the Strive episode brings a more asset vision where the brave conversions can reverse the outcome of a fight in the manner of a Samurai Shodown. New characters should soon complete the basic choice that amounts to 15 warriors with very different style. But we do not really sulk his pleasure in front of the atmosphere cleared by this title, carried by a band his metal always appropriate for this style of games. Especially since its two-line multijlayer mode is immaculate.

Guilty Gear – Strive, Bandai Namco, on PS4, PS5 and PC.


In the movement of so-called demanding video games, Returnal propels the player in a mysterious sf world where death is watching at every moment. EXPRESSING AND GREATED AT THE TIME …

Everything starts with a crash. That of Selene and his spatial ship Helios, somewhere on the strange exoplanet atropos. The starting point of an adventure that takes the shaping game shaped game of sci-fi thriller. The site of this crash will not soon have any secret for the player who will return again and again, tirelessly, to better start exploring the mysterious planet.

Because, as this exclusive PlayStation 5 leaves it (also) under-hearing we come back very often, after each death, at this starting point. Returnal follows the trend of these titles where one dies repeatedly. Adventure to multiple inspirations, Returnal manages to demonstrate its own singularity. Difficult, hard but just, the title of housemarks offers a fast challenge for little that we manage to cling and start again and start again the same passage, the same fight … until you reach a species of sickly perfection.

Returnal, Sony, on PS5.


Fresco SF Epic, Outriders takes players to the borders of the galaxy to deliver, alone or with two acolytes, spectacular fights. After several decades passed through space, the last survivors of the earth reach the Enoch planet. A place where humanity could reborn from its ashes. But things are not going to happen as planned … Barely arrived the settlers face a hostile environment but also to strange magnetic storms. Taken at the heart of these, some of them will develop supernatural skills and become the outragers. They discover then that a mysterious signal is emitted somewhere on the planet and decide to find the origin …

Outriders is above all a big show shooting game. What to create a tailor-made fighter before going to fight and darken in the heap. A simple and explosive concept that could do good after these days more or less confined.

Outriders, Square Enix, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Stadia.


With Fantasian, Apple gave white map to Hironobu Sakaguchi (father of many episodes of Final Fantasy) and his studio Mistwalker to offer a real J-RPG to Apple Arcade subscribers. His originality? The game and its decorations have been entirely designed on the basis of dioramas, these miniature scenes and landscapes that models of models are familiar with. Sakaguchi and his teams have indeed attended the world of Fantasian by relying on this principle which offers a very photo-realistic virtual world since everything has been designed by hand.

Fantasia leads us to discover Leo’s destiny, an amnesic hero who wakes up in a mechanical city filled with mysteries. If the play mechanics remain classic as a whole, Fantasian remains dynamic and causing and proven to be an excellent title in the Role Games category on the Apple platform.

Fantasian, Mistwalker / Apple, on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac via Apple Arcade subscription.


WHEREAS since 2017, Narita Boy has made the effect of a small bomb at its official launch at the end of March on consoles and PCs. In this action game, tinged with platforms, a dazzling art pixel gives to venture into the bowels of a computer program threatened by a virus.

In the manner of the film Tron (1982), developers dematerialize a young gamer to send it to a virtual world where a small numerical people expect to be delivered from him, name given to the big bad virus that threatens them. Then you play the elected representative in Narita Boy, who – in the manner of Neo in Matrix- will have to save the universe. If this false philosophical fable will have some fun, it is especially in its progress that this game will leave a good memory to the players who will try. A game that, without being revolutionary, takes advantage of an interesting and neat atmosphere.

Narita Boy, Team17, on Switch, Xbox One and Series X / S, PS4 and PS5, PC and Mac.

Tanuki Justice

In the great line of video games dedicated to the Ninjas that are Shinobi, Ninja Gaiden or Ninja Spirit, French François Pérez, aka Wonderboy Bobi, has just published a new pearl of the kind: Tanuki Justice. A game in the purest arcade tradition that offers a remarkable challenge on Switch and PS4, as our complete test already explained.

Tanuki Justice is a sensitive game and animated by the passion of his developer who has no other claim than to entertain during short parties, who will remain so intense that you will come back regularly, if only to fart the high -Score or prove you that you have not lost their hands. We also welcome its mode two welcome players to share furious parts.

Tanuki Justice, Pixel Heart, on PS4 and Switch.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

And why not look at a sport to have fun with family with Mario Golf: Super Rush? A title in the vein of Mario Tennis Aces and the inescapable Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the switch, since he has fun playing with the codes of a discipline to add a good dose of fun. As the name suggests, Mario Golf: Super Rush invites us to release clubs and caddies to venture on freshly Tondus lawn lands. Mario, Luigi, Toad, Bowser and all the company of the little Moustachu plumber venture here on courses that go from classic to the most amazing.

If it is possible to chain the holes by scrupulously following the rules of golf, it is quickly to other more furious parts that is headed. The Speed ​​Golf mode prompts to play parts to several (up to four locally or online) and it is a real race that engages on the fairway. It must not only tap the ball but also run to recover it and chain the blows to the hole. Added to this is the mixed golf mode, where up to four players find themselves in an arena and have to compete with special blows to reach as much holes possible in a time. Finally, Nintendo offers the golf adventure, a real game where it will be necessary to advance its golfer according to very funny challenges that reinvent this sport.

Mario Golf: Super Rush, Nintendo, on Switch.


True good surprise of the month of August when leaving, Rims Racing is a game to put in the hands of motorcycle fans. This simulation, very demanding, proposed around a small two-wheeled park (eight in total) may seem poor in first glance content, but this production actually hides a strong concept and a much more extensive offer than could believe it. If a matter of driving a bike and turning the gas handle, the developers also developed a less exploited catch in video games: Mechanical classes. And if you like to put your hands in Cambouis, you will be satisfied. Because you will have to know everything about your motorcycle by demonstrating screws, bolt by bolt the mechanical parts that composes it. It will thus be necessary to manage the wear, replacement and resale, tires to the carburettor, through the brake pads, the engine, the gearbox … an incredibly interesting aspect and finally quite pedagogical that injects A little new blood in this type of game. race side, it will be necessary to be pointed and dose skillfully gas and brakes so as not to crush each turn. If RIMS Racing remains perfectible (especially on braking management), this first opus poses the basis for a concept that deserves to be developed.

RIMS Racing, Nacon, on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection

Recognized as a series for the fiercest gamers of the pad, Ninja Gaiden unleashes the passions from his first adventures on 8-bit consoles in the 1980s. But it’s mainly on the first Xbox of the name he will shine His Katana and his Shurikens in 2004. An episode that will bring it into the legend but whose difficulty will repeal more than one player. However, his success would be worth to revive the franchise and his hero Ryu Hayabusa will chaine with Ninja Gaiden II (2008) and Ninja Gaiden III (2012). It is at this trilogy that Koei Tecmo intends to give back life with this version stamped master collection.

Three Beat Them All that offer a concentrate of action still rarely equaled on consoles. Always looking for revenge, Ryu rampiles and will have to do determination to overcome several thousands of particularly coriacent enemies. If our black ninja will not be alone, since several playable characters (essentially feminine) will allocate it, however, it will be to the player to transcend to accomplish his mission. Became mythical, the saga Ninja Gaiden proves the still commendable quality of Ninja Gaiden I and II, while the third opus is the least interesting despite some epic moments.

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection, Koei Tecmo, on Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.