Publisher Paradox Interactive and developer Abstraction has started the distribution of DLC Below and Beyond For Mars city management simulation Surviving Mars .

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Underground space and the asteroid of Mars’re focused in this DLC. The introduction of achieving a reduction in risk of being hit by natural disasters built a facility to underground cave, is possible, such as to acquire new resources boarded the asteroid that has passed through the Martian sky. In addition, in accordance with the addition of a new element is the adjustment of the Recon, Expansion research tree have been made. The main features of the DLC are as follows.

return to the foundation \ – Let’s expand the colony to the caves and lava in the depths of the earth’s surface. You can build a base for exploration using existing buildings and underground private buildings. However, at the time of the extension be careful. All happening depression is might be ruined.

new resources mining \ – under the earth’s surface, and you will be able to mine the resource outside of Mars. Created a special rocket-propelled buildings for resource extraction, let’s get the minerals and data samples of the alien in the asteroids approaching. However, it should not be too long. Asteroid will get away with your belongings!

road branching \ – from reconnaissance and extended research tree, add buildings, vehicles, upgrade, area will be unlocked. In addition, asteroid mining and underground colonization will also be unlocked in the same way.

Surviving Mars DLC Below and Beyond is PC (Steam,, Epic Games Store) available in / Overseas PS4 / to Xbox One for $ 19.99 / 2,050 yen (tax included). Free distribution of Surviving Mars story for a limited period of up to two o’clock on September 9 morning in Steam have been made.