Currently That’s What I Call Songs! (merely titled NOW) was launched on October 27, 1998. Designed after the highly successful Since’s What I Call Music! series in the United Kingdom, which assembles a variety of tracks that are popular around the moment of its launch, this cd is the initial edition of the Currently! series in the United States.
In adhering to the success of its UK predecessors, this very first U.S. version of Currently! gotten to platinum standing as licensed by the RIAA. The compilation includes 3 tracks that got to leading on the Signboard Hot 100: With each other Again, All My Life and MMMBop. The cd peaked at number 10 on the Billboard 200 in January 1999.

The disc version of the new console generation is notorious sold out, while Microsoft’s Xbox Series S can now buy at Saturn – for 289.99 euros.

The Xbox Series at Saturn for 289.99 euros

One of the biggest factors in the console choice are the exclusive titles. While the current console generation can not offer a great variety of appropriate games, there are some big publications this year. Racing game fans are looking forward to the latest offshoot of the Forza series, which will appear on 9 November. And towards the end of the year comes the figurehead of Microsoft’s games machines: From the 8th of December, the dreams of all Sci-Fi shooter fans fulfill with Halo Infinite.

  • Forza Horizon 5 for 69,99 € pre-order at Saturn
  • Halo Infinite for 69,99 € pre-order at Saturn

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* Microsoft Flight Simulator (Xbox Series X) for 56,99 € at Saturn

That’s why you should grab the Xbox Series S

Availability : The nearby reason straight – the Series X is sold out, the Series S is not. If you are urgently looking for a new Xbox you hardly remain a choice. Alternatively, you can of course also follow the Twitter bots and hope for your luck. Relaxed, the situation is expected not until 2023, such as experts suspect.

Cheap price : While the new generation large flagship ships cost at least 500 euros (the absurd scalper prices are not considered here), you have to lie down for the Xbox Series S only about 290 euros. That’s not so much for a new console. Of course you have to make the savings of 210 euros compared to the Series X also smears. The Series S has no disc drive, so you have to access digital games and / or the Game Pass. The resolution is also aligned instead of 4K only to 1440p.

Loading times Ade thanks to SSD : Granted, completely on load times you have to do with an SSD – the difference to the Xbox One is immensely. What last lasted minutes is now over within a few seconds. In general, thanks to a stronger processor, she also runs thanks to its predecessor and if you want to play the latest Xbox Games in the future, you need a Series console. Because for short or long, new games will no longer be playable on the one.

The Xbox Series at Saturn for 289.99 euros

XBox Series S: Ideal for the Game Pass

The missing drive of the Series S is a smaller disadvantage than you think. Thanks to Microsoft’s Game Pass, you have an immense big abundance of top games that you can play for little money unlimited. With the Game Pass Abo you have access to well over 100 games of Microsoft and EA and benefits from additional, changing bonuses (such as cosmetic items for Apex Legends). With the ultimate variant of the Game Pass you get the subscription for the console, the PC and Xbox Live Gold in a package for 12.99 euros per month.

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