The fans of Tormeted Souls using new generation XBox consoles can now enjoy the game on their platform. The title was initially announced for PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. From now on, players on their Xbox Series X / S units can also discover this classic survival horror game. Pqube, Dual Effect and Abstract Digital Works delivered this horror game with a gameplay strongly influenced by Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

Tornedd Souls had already been launched on PC and PS5 on August 27 and since then the team behind worked hard to bring the horror title to the Xbox Series X / S consoles. They also clearly indicated that the game version for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms was still in preparation. Although the players’ community has not yet been treated with an official launch date for Tormented Souls, it has become clear that developers are very active in development. That said, fans may not have to wait too long.

Since its initial release, a well improved functionality and new language options have already been added to the game. Although it is known that it is important to keep the main themes of survival horror, it is clear that dual Effect Games is ready to listen to what the fans of the game have to say about the gameplay.

Like other horror games already available on the market, Tornedd Souls promised to deliver a breathtaking case, while players need to collect resources, solve puzzles in the game, build weapons and explore the corridors of a Abandoned mansion. -Devenu-hospital. As expected, there will be claims forces at stake, and the more the players of Tormentd Souls will go to the mansion, the more the things will become crazy.

The fans of Tormeted Souls can find the downloads they need in the usual digital markets. Xbox Series X / S players can be directed to the Xbox Store. Unfortunately, Xbox One players will be lucky because, for the moment, the title is apparently reserved for new generation consoles.

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