Marvel’s Midnight Suns (Marvel’s Midnight Suns) is open to the real-machine Firaxis Games movie in today (7), showing more detailed card combat systems, and is against the original role Hunter and Jin Steel Wolf The combat process of the SAVERTOOTH.

This is made by xcom development team Firaxis Firaxis Gamess, but it is different from the player. This is not a turn system war chess but turn card. As you can see from the play movie, the Firaxis Games is not a stamp card, the hero and the counterpart still can act freely, but the number of action points, including the number of times, the number of draws and items are used.

The card Firaxis Gamesplay is a bit similar to the card to build a Firaxis Games, which is known to be divided into attack cards, skill cards and hero cards, and contain some keywords. Like some skill cards allow you to draw two attack cards, one allows you to get 1 floor counterattack with 33 points.

Each hero has special skills, launched by hero card, but you must consume an additional hero points. You can give the enemy weakness (reduced by 50% damage), but when the hero points of 50% is 4 When you point, you can add 34 damage. In addition to the timing of the timing, some cards also have collisions, repel them, scope, and so on need to consider the skills of the station.

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In the battle of the Golden Steel Wolf to the war sword, it also revealed the way to use the environment to combat enemies, like the enemy on the path of the kick, or push the pole to drink. At this point, it is close to the XCOM to use the environmental Firaxis Gamesplay, and more flexible to fight more flexible.

The play process is roughly like this, but unfortunately did not see the part of the card to construct the part.

It is not long for the launch of the real-machine preview No. 2, and Firaxis Firaxis Gamess has once again reached a detail of more than 10 minutes, which is probably the question of playing players. One is that some of the dead loyal players are looking forward to the Firaxis Gamess XCOM bones; the second is to usually involve cards and make people think of micro-trading elements, need to have a powerful card with eggs or purchases. However, developers have clarified in recent days, and the Firaxis Games will not have any trocket boxes, and there will be no choice of cards. There is only a character shape and does not affect the Firaxis Games balance.

The Submour of Midnight is expected to be launched on PC, PS4 / PS5, Xbox One / Xbox Series X / S and Switch platforms in March 2022.

Interested in viewing of the following official channel live video, you can watch the visit of the creative Director Jake Solomon and the Senior Series Producer Garth Deangelis.