Although the reviews consoles with a number of improvements have been present in the industry since the NES, we presented last generation hardware parts that functioned as a bridge between the PS4 and PS5, as well as the Xbox and Xbox One Series X. now, a new report notes that this would happen in the future, with elSeries S as the stellar case for Microsoft.

According to Moore’s Law is Dead, insider industry, Microsoft is working on an improved version of the Xbox Series S version, which would be priced at $ 350, offer an APU 6NM refined , and advances with AMD will allow free 24 computing units, instead of the 20 that exist in the current model. These changes would be aimed to compete against an alleged PS5 Slim, which has not yet been announced.

He mentions insider this review of the Series S would be available at some point in the Together 2022. this, stated that the Xbox Series X also have a series of amendments considering the technological advances of AMD, which come to 2023. As always, this is just a rumor, and there is no guarantee that this will come to pass.

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While there is the possibility of seeing a review of some modern console is discarded, it is likely that large-scale changes are not made a reality as soon . On issues related recalls Xbox filtering the S Series with funny meme.

Via: Wccftech