The Fantastic 4 is a team of comic publication superheroes in the Marvel Comics cosmos. Although the name recommends the team just has 4 members, actually a variety of various other personalities have, at one factor or an additional, been thought about members. Bold suggests present staff member.

Front show, 威 之 之 releases the trailer, there are many familiar roles, like steel people , American captain , surprise, knife warrior, Single Doctor …., etc., but there are many roles, even the team of midnight is unfamiliar, and introduce this today.

Team related origins and rough background

First mentioned the team of Midnight , they first debuted in the comics Ghost Rider 28 issued in August 1992, and the positioning is a team to handle super natural threats. Members have two generations Evil Knight – Strong Nibrez and Danny Kiqi, blade warrior and he led the hunting of the ghost team Night Labe , dedicated to the organization of the Dark Book of the Great Black Devils – Dark God Save Redemer , Spiderman Africher but change the evil spirits of vampire Magic, the magic world Supreme Single Doctor.

About electricity play adaptation and title problem

In the original, the Midnight will make up to fight against all the princes of all devils, and the electric play will reproduce this story, but it is only changed to the Terrorist organization of the nine snakes to intervene, and put some popular markets. The role is put in.

And Midnight in the original text is Midnight Sons , but the video is Midnight Suns , although Son is very pronounced, you can want to see the official, but it is very different, It is estimated that this is the story of Midnight but a bit different.

It is worth mentioning that the video version of The Midnight is composed of a member of the four teams, which is the existing Midnight member, X-Police, Avengers, and Hika family members.

登 登 介

【iron Man】

One of the members of the Avengers, fighting with high-tech armor, in the process of fighting nine snakes, knowing they plan to conquer the world with supernatural power.

[American Captain]

The leader of the Avengers is a super soldier that has been strengthened, with a wealth of strategic minds, and fights with the nine snake in the Second War.

[Golden Steel Wolf]

One of the members of the warning police, having longevity, super recovery, and variants who are unburable, in the history of long-term history, there is also a tale of Nine Snake. And his death – sword tiger, seems to help the nine-head snake and Lili, to participate in the battle.

[Singular Dr.]

Responsible for protecting the Earth’s dimension, has the strongest magical ability, which is the main line of defense against supernatural threats, is the object of the demon hate.

[Surprise Captain]

One of the members of the Avengers, now is also the leader of the Alpha Flying Team to deal with Star IQ, there is no more experience in the supernatural threat.

[blade warrior]

Semi-blood hunting hunter, because the mother was bitten by a vampire when he was hurting, causing a non-human organism when he was born, and a revenge of the vampire for this resentment.

【Ghost Rider】

The midnight debut is the latest generation of Robieyes. He was originally a brother who took care of the car factory and took care of the disabled younger brother. Later, he was attacked by the uncle of the uncle of the magic of the devil, so he got a supernatural power, and The story now joins the Avengers. With other evil knights, this is different. Robei Kay is a lot of CHARGER, so that the collision has a few times.


It is the kidster sister of the X-war member. When being kidnapped by the evil wizard BLASCO, communicating with another universe x-war, and learned magic to use and combat skills, more excited to arbitrarily transferred variants. Ability, even gains the iconic weapon Soul Sword Soulsword, and then become one of the excellent X-war members.

[Nicole Minouu]

Nicole’s parents made a member of the criminal organization of Evil Competition (Pride), and each of them, their respective franchisees, variants, aliens, idiopers, spatial travelers, evil scientists , Gang head, etc.

And Nicole is a Japanese, and is born in the name of the black magic family. She has the same old teenage girl originally do not know the true face of her parents until a certain party, I saw the truth, so I stayed away from my parents. And thereby forms Harmony Family GEO .

Nicole’s main cast media comes from her court and has developed more powerful magic over time, and the most good at the new measures.


The original role of the midnight represents the player’s branch, you can customize her / his gender, color, color, hairstyle, equipment. Moreover, it is possible to learn the skills of two levels, and the steel people, the American captain Guangming Heroes Skills , or the evil spirits, blade skills, Dark Heroes Skills , the female appearance of the trailer is the default appearance .

As for the trailer, she / he said to Lily is a mother, it is estimated that this role is one of Lily’s demon, or human / demon mixed, even Human with Lily!

Finally, I still remind you to have a original place, that is, these characters have the original armor of the midnight, which has rune symbols. It is estimated that he would not be good at supernatural sectors. demon.