Resellers now receive around 30 percent less for PlayStation 5 consoles than in the market launch, while the prices for Xbox Series X have been comparable due to lower scarcity.

According to the resale side Stockx, the prices scalper for the PlayStation 5 have fallen, but the volume of Sony consoles sold has remained the same. According to own information, more than 130,000 Playstation 5 consoles were sold over the platform in the summer of 2021.

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According to the highest level, which was at the Cyber ​​Weekend 2020 at $ 1,000 for the disc version, the prices have fallen since almost 30 percent. In September, the price dropped to $ 715. The digital version of the PlayStation 5 also reached a peak value of $ 1,000 and is now sold for just under $ 700 US dollars.

Meanwhile, the courses of the Xbox Series X have spread sharply to prices in the market launch. According to Stick X, the Xbox Series X at the Cyber ​​Weekend was between $ 750 to 800 US dollars and has fallen by 25 percent at the lowest level in July with $ 600.

According to Stockx, Xbox Series X has experienced a significant upswing in the current month and is sold for an average price of $ 725. Jesse Unicorn of Stockx says, that is the consequence that the Xbox Series X would buy rarely than the PlayStation 5 and that due to its relative shortage the prices on stockx have risen .

In addition, SCALPER attempts according to new reports to beat the updated PlayStation 5 model capital. The businessworthy among them responded to critical allegations about the revised Sony console (which were demented) by introducing launch or the new model numbers CFI-1116A (Disc Version) and CFI-1100B (digital version) into their offers.