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Decidedly, we stop more microid! The French publisher multiplies partnerships and licensing agreements in recent months. Today, the company communicated on a new alliance with Taito for the development of two titles from the franchise catalog of the famous Japanese publisher.

After announceting the development of three new license-based games last week, Microid is released a new partnership of its hat. And the French publisher turns this time on the side of Japan revealing having signed an agreement with Taito for the development of two games from the famous franchises of the Nippone society. If the statement keeps the mystery on the licenses concerned, it nevertheless announces that the development of these two titles has already begun and that we should learn more soon. The French publisher also specifies having entrusted their development to experienced studios. Does microid intend to walk on DOTEMU bandwidths?

For Stéphane Longeard, CEO of the Company, the purpose of this agreement is to open and diversify (publisher’s strategy) of international development. He continues: We are looking forward to unveiling the two projects on which we are working and they will surprise more than one . An enthusiasm apparently shared by Katsuhiko Iwaki, President of Taito, who obviously affirms his confidence in the abilities of the French publisher to revive these two mysterious licenses. We will obviously be expected to know more to rejoice in our turn.