The developers at company, the creators of the recent XCom games and Sid Meier s Civilization, have introduced Marvel s Midnight Suns! As part of the opening of Gamescom 2021, there was a chic reveal trailer who prepares us on a world that focuses on the gloomy and magical side of the Marvel cosmos. We were already talking to Creative Director Jake Solomon about the promising Tactical RPG.

What is it in Marvel s Midnight Suns?

Midnight Suns crashes the player in a history of black magic in the Marvel Universe: The infamous organization Hydra has freed Lilith, the mother of all demons, from her eternal sleep. This wants to fulfill an old prophecy and, in turn, summon your terrible champion Chthon, who would subjugate the world. The desperate Avengers are therefore looking for help in the form of Midnight Suns.

These are set out Nico Minoru , blade (known from the films with Wesley Snipes), Magik (last in New Muttants) and Ghost Rider (also known from the films with Nic Cage) together. These young heroes with supernatural skills revive an ancient warrior and your character again, the hunter ! Because this ejected child Liliths has ever defeated the mighty demon mother as the only being. Heroes like Magik bring their special skills – for example, they can use in the comics portals against their opponents. Source: Fireaxis Story-Technisch the developers have been inspired by the Marvel comics of the 90s, more specifically Rise of the Midnight Sons . Lilith is also in these the antagonist, which blade, Ghost Rider & Co, but the story of the game will be its own, regardless of marvel movies and comics. The brand new Marvel Hero Hunter Marvel s Midnight Suns can be adapted both visually and skill-technically of you. Source: Firaxis

How does Marvel s Midnight Suns play?

The Gameplay Reveal from Midnight Suns is only before 1st of September, but we were able to talk to Jake Solomon a little bit about what players will expect. The character of the hunter is a unique Marvel hero (in) that we can customize according to our wishes. This is not limited to the optics, but also the game style. Over 40 different skills are available to help us build our unique protagonists who will take different roles. Because Midnight Suns will be a tactial RPG, with round-based fighting, where we can use a wide variety of Marvel characters (such as Runaways , Avengers or X-Men ) in our group. The hunter will also balance the powers of darkness and light, which bring different advantages. But the whole thing will also affect socially – right now, there is a social component! The demonic hordes Liliths plunge the world into the chaos in Marvel s Midnight Suns. Source: Firaxis

Midnight Suns: Relationships like a Mass Effect, Persona or Fire Emblem

Firaxis' New Game is not Civilization 7... | Marvel's Midnight Suns
In addition to the fighting, there will be the action in the hidden base, a mysterious abbey as a second focus. These may explore with our character in 3rd person view and interact there with various heroes and maintain relationships. Does Captain America have something on the heart? Can we make you a pleasure? What does Wolverine need? The aforementioned light dark orientation of our character also affects here. For example, a character like Ghost Rider will be significantly better to speak to a dark hunter. Dr Strange and the Midnight Suns revive Hunter again to stop Lilith. Source: Fireaxis To the strengths of the XCom games, unfortunately, we could solate Solomon only a laugh when we had asked him about Iron Man fashion. Finally, this XCom playing style, which does not reload, would fit from the name super. But the Creative Director explained that Midnight Suns is not the variety game, at which a final game-over point can eventually be reached. With regard to Mod possibilities as in XCOM, there was only one today we have nothing to say. Craft friends must continue to hope here.

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The demonic hordes Liliths plunge the world into the chaos in Marvel s Midnight Suns. [Source: FireFire]

What do you think of this first impression? Are you looking forward to XCom action with Marvel characters? How is yours described to the described relationship aspects in the base of your heroes? Write us in the comments!

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