Digital Bros is an Italian video clip game business that creates, publishes and distributes games. It publishes games under its 505 Games subsidiary brand given that 2007 and established video clip game advancement school, Digital Bros Game Academy, in 2014. Digital Bros was started in 1989 as Halifax and also the name is still utilized for circulation.
Digital Bros is headquartered in Milan with offices in the United Kingdom, USA, France, Spain, Germany, China, Hong Kong and also Japan.

The relatively new developer studio Nesting Games has recently been adopted by the Publisher Digital Bros. That would be worth a message for itself. But the press release published in this context also provides an interesting detail: The studio consisting of former Ubisoft developers (Assassin s Creed) wants to develop several games in the future, but to do without the very familiar Ubisoft formula.

Nesting Games wants to focus on the development of ascending and immersive role play as possible. However, the team wants to turn away from the Open World approach known from Assassin s Creed and pursue other visions. Chief Creative Officer Jordane Thiboust explains this:

We want to return to creating roleplaying, focusing on immersion, great characters, powerful storytelling and strong gameplay. We return from the Massive Open World model, which is full of icons for clamping. Instead, we return to Experience back, which are controlled by the content and respect the time of the player. No matter if you can choose our games for 30 minutes or in a 2-hour session; You will get interesting content and satisfactory experience every time.

However, Nesting Games, based in the Canadian Quebec, has not yet announced a concrete game. The team currently consists of just 18 employees. There are several job advertisements on the official website to enlarge the Manpower as quickly as possible.

Source: Nesting Games

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