Gaijin Entertainment and Yadon Studio announces that the experimental survival horror match Shadows of Kurgansk, which was previously available for PC, is now also available for PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

The console Remaster provides an improved graphics and user interface as well as further improvements based on the user s user s feedback.

Rules of Survival New Update
Shadows of Kurgansk puts players in a dark and hostile environment that is simply called The Zone , and presents them to the challenge to escape alive and with intact understood from the enchanted area.

Wild beasts, zombies, mutants and a few surviving people stripes through the ruins of civilization, while players gathering mushrooms and berries, hunting animals, creating weapons and equipment, build shelter and break in secret government bunkers.

Buy Shadows of Kurgansk for 17,99 Euro

While it is important to stay safe, it is also quite a challenge to stay with understance, as the anomalies of the zone play pranks to the human mind. Shadows of Kurgansk offers two story campaigns in which it is about to ventilate the secrets of the zone, while the modes adventure and survive it enable you to explore and improvise the zone.

All Shadows of Kurgansk console versions offer a refresh rate of 60 fps, and PlayStation 5 Pro, Xbox One X, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S players also receive a 4K resolution. The game is sold as a premium title only through digital sales.

Both the original game Shadows of Kurgansk and the Remaster for the console were developed by Yadon Studio with the support of Gaijin Entertainment as part of the Gaijin funding program for new game developers.