September ends with a few exciting new releases: this week there is replenishment on the football front and in the MMO area.

NEW WORLD | September 28th


Already several times Amazons was postponed first great online role-playing New World. But now it should finally work with the release and the gates of the island of Aerneum permanently open.

As a player she lands something insufficiently at the only partially explored island, in which several parties make a fight for supremacy. But not enough: the eerie wilderness and legions of undead ensure discomfort in the residents. Thus, it is up to you, the enemies in the wild but also defeat the guide in the PVP enemy player and to take the lead in New World with the self-chosen faction.

The online role-playing game of Amazon appears only for the PC. An implementation for the consoles has not been announced so far.

in Sound Mind | September 28th

PC / PS5 / XBOX Series X

October is before and thus also every year recurring time to scare himself. The release of in Sound Mind suits almost perfect and let you experience a scary psycho adventure from the First-person perspective .

She slips into the role of the therapist Desmon Wales, which searches the thoughts of his patients to clarify their connections to each other. The big goal? Solve the secret around the events in the city of Milton Haven. However, Wales could also become a victim of his own thoughts and advised in a gloomy strudel.

The release of in Sound Mind takes place for the PC, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S instead. Although an implementation for the Nintendo Switch is already announced, it should only follow at a later date.

insurgency: sandstorm | September 29

PS4 / XBOX One

The Tactical Multiplayer Shooter Insurgency: Sandstorm creates the leap from the PC to the consoles after almost three years. For this, developers New World Interactive also has a lot adapted, among other things in terms of control and optics.

The core of the shooter remains but preserved. Players can set themselves on tactical matches where each shot can mean the immediate screen death . Thanks to the realistic representation of the weapons and their handling, insurgency: sandstorm quite complex. In addition to PVP matches, there are also coop scenarios in which you are approaching the computer Ki.

Although the release of Insurgency: Sandstorm takes place only on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the shooter can also be played on the new consoles. Thanks to upward compatibility, there are liquid 60 frames per second.

Efootball | 30. September

PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X

From Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), efootball and offside the name will change even any lot. Konami dares a big step with his football simulation this year: away from the classic buying product to a free-2-play game, which is regularly supplied with new content.

To start Efootball, there are only nine licensed teams, six stadiums and only classic match game mode (online and offline). Only with later updates will follow more modes, such as Creative Teams and Creative League, as well as other online modes. In addition, at the beginning, there are not all root techniques, because they should only be added with an update.

After all, Efootball appears from the beginning for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. In addition, the mobile version will also be adjusted and will provide CrossSplay with the other versions in the future.

Hot Wheels Unleashed | 30. September

PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX ONE / XBOX Series X / Switch

An arcade racer with the license from Hot Wheels: Sounds on the sheet of paper after a very lightweight game principle. Hot Wheels Unleashed wants to be exactly what and offer classic racing food with licensed toy cars and wedding stretches .

On the iconic, orange hot wheel routes, you are standing against the ki or other players and drive, jumping and drifting to reach 1st place 1. The different hot-wheel cars have certain attributes and rarity levels and can even be adapted with new skins.

The developers of Hot Wheels Unleashed use with the release directly all consoles including the Nintendo Switch. On the PC, the racing game also appears on the same day.

FIFA 22 | October 1

PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX ONE / XBOX Series X / Switch

While Efootball takes a different way, FIFA remains very classically true this year. Great experiments do not dare EA and supplies the usual license package with all known game modes and features at FIFA 22 . For the Next-Gen consoles, there are also a few special improvements.

These include improved player movements, a clever Ki in attack and defense , a few graphic improvements and further detail changes. However, these are only available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. However, innovations for the individual game modes such as Volta and FIFA Ultimate Team are also available on the other PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as the PC.

The release of FIFA 22 takes place as it had on all consoles and the PC. However, with the Nintendo Switch, there is only one update of the Legacy Version, say only the licenses are updated.

Doubt can hardly give it: After the summer break, September has submitted with exciting releases. Also to the end there is again enough replenishment with New World and two new football matches.