Marvel s Avengers will be the great title to participate in the Xbox Game PMarvel Avengerss catalog this month. Marvel Avengers of September 30 It will be added at no additional cost at Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Xbox Gaming Cloud.

All the details

Each player with an Xbox Game PMarvel Avengerss membership can experience the full game and all the missions and heroes added after the launch, says Hunter Wolfe, Community Coordinator at Crystal Dynamics. This includes four history campaigns showing one or more unique heroes skills, in addition to our Avengers Initiative, New Multiplayer Online Only Evolution that allows you and your friends play like any campus heroes and can embark In global adventures.

From the company, they affect that all players will have immediate access to the expansion War for Wakanda , in which Black Panther is the authentic protagonist. In addition, the title received this year the dedicated improvement in the new generation consoles, so you will have an optimized version of Marvel s Avengers for Xbox Series X | S. However, the edition offered in the subscription does not include the cosmetics inspired by Marvel s kinematic universe; To receive them you will have to acquire the update to the ENDGAME edition for 20 euros. His arrival coincides with holding his first anniversary, which offers an additional experience of quadruple when playing any mission available. It will be held between September 30 and October 4.

On September 7 there wMarvel Avengers a year of our analysis at the bMarvel Avengerse game, where we said that remains on land of anyone . The Meeting Campaign offers a correct narrative experience, where the force of the license shines above the gameplay. The problems begin when you have the feeling that removing the RPG looter elements would work exactly the same. The entire team progression system feels detached from the game, it does not offer the reward or the variety that is presupposed to a title that lives to encourage to continue playing. You can read the full text here.