The Next Gen consoles of Sony and Microsoft are still extremely rarely available. Xbox Chef Phil Spencer now issues a forecast for the end of the shortage of Xbox Series X – but unfortunately good news blades very different.

For console snackness, under which both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X suffer, is currently no end in sight. XBox boss Phil Spencer has now been given to protocol that there would be several problems with production and the console quotas of Xbox Series X will definitely be seeded in the coming months . Only next year is expected with improvements.

XBox Series X: Disappointment about console scarcity

In an interview, Spencer has buried hopes for an early end of console snackness and simultaneously expressing the current state of things. In the production of Xbox Series X it go not just about the chip deficiency . Instead, there would be several bottlenecks that the company presented challenges.

Spencer admitted in the interview that causes the ongoing console snack for disappointment with the Gamern , but unfortunately it is a challenge that the Next-Gen consoles would be accompanied for a while. (Source: Videogameschronicle)

AMD boss also does not give an all-clear

Also AMD-CEO Lisa Su has expressed himself to the chip scarcity this week. According to Su, the offer will be significantly increased in the coming year . However, it would probably take 2022 until the second half of the year until the demand can be met. (Source: CNBC)

Their assessment thus seems realistic for the situation of the Next-Gen consoles of Microsoft. After all, the Xbox Series S can already be found for traders like Amazon. However, the Xbox Series X will probably remain a rarity until mid-2022 .

In our video we will show you which next-Gen-Consoel is the right one for you:

XBox boss Phil Spencer makes it clear in an interview that console snapness 2021 is no longer solved. Instead, fans have to be accepted next year.

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