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Steam is an online content distribution, rights management and communication management platform developed by Valve and has been available since September 11, 2003. Video Games oriented, it allows users to buy games, content for games , update them automatically, manage the multiplayer game of games and offers community tools around Steam games. Since October 2012, a service is devoted to software. Steam included in February 2015 more than 125 million users and in March 2017 more than 14,000 games.

The music rhythm game sound 2 will appear on November 17, 2021 for consoles, as Publisher Ratalaika Games and Developer Tinimations revealed in a new trailer for launch on Steam. In the psychedelic rhythm action game, their high-speed fights, which pursues a full immersion with dance music. With your flash forces, your electronic symphonies introduce and vibrates magical Tuneblades to achieve an euphoric trance state through skilful games.