Publisher Nicalis has started delivery of action packed platformers SPECTACULAR SPARKY developed by FreakZone Games.

This work is a work of an atmosphere reminiscent of 16-bit games in the 1990s. Sparky of the space rabbit that earns the galaxy s prize, runs, fly and shoots a flashy action for shooting. In the trailer, a large number of enemies of a spooky design are adversant opposite to the loveliness of the main character.

Five challenging world consisting of a total of 24 levels, where the boss battle that is fierce

Five powerful weapons including blaster, flame radiator, homing missile

A unique vehicle that SPARKY can steer, such as spacecraft, hang glider, lava jet skis, etc.

SUPERCASUAL (Super Casual) to SupernightMare (Super Nightmare) 5 Stage Difficulty Settings

Three game modes (Eh! Isn t it 5 types?)

The protagonist tensioning SPECTACULAR SPARKY is being delivered for Windows (Steam, Epic Games Store) and overseas Nintendose switches.

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