Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooting video game developed by Dice and edited by Electronic Arts. The title is part of the Battlefield series. The game is scheduled for November 19, 2021 on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

A few weeks before the launch in November we already have a very good picture of Battlefield 2042, at least as the modes All-out Warfare (involves conquest and breakthrough) and portal is concerned. However, the so-called Hazard Zone is still a mystery. However, a first teaser gives us at least clues that are also covering with some leaks.

Reveal tomorrow: The teaser references us to the first trailer to Hazard Zone, which you can watch tomorrow:

When? On October 14, from 5 pm German time
Where? on YouTube

Here you can see the Battlefield 2042 teaser:

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That could be Hazard Zone

Already, a day before the trailer premiere, we have some clues to what it could be about Hazard Zone. In the teaser, the saying Every Squad for Themselves is to be read, so every team fights for himself. Apparently we move into small units about the maps, try to achieve our goals and fight other teams.

Teaser confirms Leaks: There is more information about Hazard Zone. Thanks to a Leak, we know that the mode should play similarly as the shooter Escape from Tarkov. In addition to the human opponents, there will also be PVE elements. First and foremost, your goal is to fulfill your own mission and collect Loot. The fighting against other players inside and Ki soldiers probably take a secondary role.

Replacement for Battle Royale

Currently there are rumors, according to which Battlefield 2042 originally planned as Battle Royale. The success of Apex Legends for EA should have played a major role. At a point in development, a somewhat traditional way was hampered, but the original plans could find in Hazard Zone. We fight ourselves from the edge of the map in the middle, woven other players inside and collecting equipment – sounds like Battle Royale, right?

Here you can see our Battlefield 2042-Preview:

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Battle Royale could be submitted: According to the Leaker Tom Henderson, Hazard Zone mode serves as a replacement for a traditional Battle Royale. EA and DICE want to watch the launch how the game variant arrives at the community. If the fans reject the mode, it could actually be a real battle royal.

What do you want for the Hazard Zone mode in Battlefield 2042?