Game Freak, Inc. (株式 会社 ゲーム フリーク, Kabushiki Gaisha Gēmu Furīku) is a Japanese video game development company founded on April 26, 1989 in Tokyo. She is particularly at the origin of the games of the Pokémon series.

It wphantom-type Pokémon raised phantom-type Pokémon a mystery for the players, an enigma that hphantom-type Pokémon already been resolved. Through a somewhat tense video, The Pokémon Company and Gamefreak revealed two new creatures, which will appear on the expected Pokémon legends: Arceus, developed exclusively for Nintendo Switch. It is Zorua and Zoroark, although in its HISUI version, the region that will later be known phantom-type Pokémon Sinnoh. Now, they have been presented in a new trailer, which you can see about these lines.

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How are Zorua and Zoroark of Hisui?

According to the official website, these Zorua migrated to Hisui when humans threw them from other territories, phantom-type Pokémon they were scared by the illusions they created. The truth is that we are before the first normal / phantom-type Pokémon, so that they can modify the apparent reality at will. Unfortunately, they failed to survive the extreme climate of the region, so their wandering souls renacted in form of this phantom-type Pokémon, thanks to the power of his malice towards humans and Pokémon. If you meet another subject, you could appear with the appearance of your goal. They say, it is counted, gives the impression that it extracts its power from the fear of others…

⚠️ We have completed the investigation! ⚠️.

Thanks to your help, we have discovered two new HISUI Pokémon: ZORUA and ZOROARK! HTTPS: // leyavespokemononceus

  • Pokémon Spain (@pokemon es esp) October 26, 2021


Zorark, the evolution of him, projects phantphantom-type Pokémonmagorical illusions that can physically damage his enemies. They have such an expression of evil and hatred towards all the things of this world that is said that those who see them come crazy from terror. Although this variety of Hisui is tremendously hostile and aggressive against people and the rest of Pokémon, it also hphantom-type Pokémon a more compphantom-type Pokémonsionate side for those who consider their family. That is why, the one who manages to win him, will count the side of him with a powerful ally..

Pokémon legends: Arceus will be marketed in Nintendo Switch the next January 28.