They were the type-scoring midfielder with oomph. See a worthy successor and there is this kind of player anymore?

The classic playmaker there are hardly any. James I like to see. The sometimes plays passports, where I think: The I would have formerly tried. When he arrives, I am pleased. Max Kruse has a great eye and loses the ball almost never. And Luca Waldschmidt with his great left foot and the Hessian origin I would tomorrow bring back from Freiburg to Frankfurt, if I could.

You always went full risk. Doctor Hammer, Hans Tilkowski baptized you, but has also carved times next to the nail.

What does it do me, if I pick up the ball when a free kick over the wall and goalkeeper catches him loose? Since the first shot came out neck height so that the head is pulled away in the second kick. Since you already had to come up with something.

Mourning for Bernd Nickel: A tribute to Dr. Hammer

Have the players because of the scattering also complained again?

But that came before. Schalke Branko Oblak was standing at the edge of the box to block my corners. Three times I have met him on the thigh or hip, there came from Grabi (Jürgen Grabowski, n. D. Red.) Already He no longer all there. But I have a photographer in the interior said, And when I stand here until quarter past five, I ll shoot until the Oblak walks over. The fourth corner then landed on wood who scored the 1 (Bernd Hölzenbein, editor s note…): 2 and we won at the end yet.

In the Waldstadion They managed to take from each of the four corners of the opposing goal directly the feat. What was the secret?

I have always practiced reinzuhauen the balls with full risk. Dusseldorf against some luck was going against Kaiserslautern and Ronnie Hellström the wind helped me.

Sometimes the road was too far for me, what am I supposed to delay the game?

Bernd Nickel

Were there not capable right-footer in the team?

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This has resulted in time like this. I have not shot. Sometimes the way I was too far, what am I supposed to delay the game?

One of the corner goals they managed against Sepp Maier and Bayern against which you always like to hit. Hung the to the fact that the bonuses were temporarily attached to the audience and the stadium to Munich was always full?

( Lacht ) No. The Bavarians have been lying to us because they wanted to play football. If we are then driven to Oberhausen or Duisburg, we also know the other side because it could not shine it.

Was the main gateway yet the in May 1971 the overhead kick against Offenbach for relegation?

I had discussed it all with Robert Swan and Udo Lattek and would be replaced with a descent to Bayern. It was definitely the most important goal for Eintracht. And otherwise the Bundesliga scandal would probably not have been revealed.

after Offenbach s president Horst Gregorio Canellas presented tape recordings of bribes.

At that time I not notice it, I was a young player.

In the National They never got a real chance. Have you simply too quiet?

Helmut Schoen said that I had to be even more resistant, although I have many goals already made. And Günter Netzer and Wolfgang Overath were always set. Today I would defend myself maybe a little more. Since I was too quiet, and it has my lack of lobby.

For this you have long played in the amateur national team, even at the Olympics 1972nd

Of the athletes we were not taken seriously, very comfortable we have not ourselves in the Olympic Village.

The assassination you have noticed at close range.

Uli Hoeness and I have watched the departure of the bus with the Israeli hostages from 15 meters. This was totally dangerous, I would never make more.

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