Sony has released a new version of the PS5 headset PULSE 3D. While the built-in technology corresponds to what was brought to the market with the black and white version last year, buyers can set themselves on a completely black version.

The pulse 3D can be ordered or purchased in the Black Edition at various retailers. These include Media Markt and Saturn. Also at Amazon is the new hardware listed and can be purchased for around 100 euros. Below the corresponding product links:

3D pulse buy in Midnight Black:

Midnight Black Headset Reveal Trailer | PS5

3D pulse at Media Markt
3D pulse at Saturn
3D pulse at Amazon

According to Sony, the headset for 3D audio has been optimized. The PS5 console offers a sound manufacturer with Tempest 3D Audiotech, incredibly immaculate sound landscape in which the sound seems to come from every direction.

The Features of the 3D Wireless Headset Pulse include two integrated microphones, which, among other things, with noise suppression technologies. Also, you can expect easily accessible control elements for microphone mute, master volume and mixing ratio for in-game audio and chat.

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In one of our hardware tests, the pulse 3D wireless headset made a good figure, even if it was not just praised. Sönke wrote in the conclusion : Beline-sounding acoustics, good fundriser, easy to use, versatile, optically great adapted to the PS5 design and thanks to low weight, soft earproof and flexible plastic straps over many hours very comfortable to wear – The 3D pulse offers a lot of performance for the money.

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