The SC Paderborn remains a away power in the 2nd Bundesliga. The unleashed East Westphalia brought the fifth away win in the sixth game with the 4: 2 (4: 0) at Karlsruher SC and sat down with 21 meters in the top group.

The KSC remains stuck after the bankruptcy field.

An outstanding Sven Michel (24th, 29th, 32nd) shot the KSC with a hat trick within eight minutes from its own stadium. Previously, Julian Justvan (20th) had taken the guests with a brilliant shot of 20 meters.

Fabian locker (68.) and Philipp Hofmann (70th) brought only a short tension into the game. An unbelievable game today, I m just overjoyed to be part of this team. I m fine at the moment, it s just fun, Dreierpacker Michel said at Sky.

At the home owners, four days after the cupcoup in the Bundesliga Bayer Leverkusen (2: 1) initially nothing to feel of tailwind, Paderborn certainly determined the game events in the first half.

After Michel pushed against the completely overwhelmed KSC defense from a short distance to the 4: 0, the game was already decided.


After the side change, the households against the defeat braced, but after the hit of Hofmann, the SCP defense of the Karlsruhe was the final offensive state.