Kraid could be an unknown face for those who have started their galactic bounty hunt for the first time Metroid terror, but for old fans it s a more than recognizable enemy. In this encounter, the extraterritorial creature is found in chains, but is still striving to claw in the meat and the bones of Samus Aran. KRAID is one of the earlier bosses that the player encounters on his escape from Planet ZDR. Although the scope may be intimidating, the guide gives the players all the information you need to defeat this recurring opponent, and all available methods that the player could help achieve such a goal.

Kraid Boss Fight - Full Narrated Guide - Metroid Dread

Kraid-Phase 1.

After players have gained the ability to turn themselves into a morph-ball, players will hit the boss chamber of Kraid on their journey in the lower parts of Cataris.

If the intermediate sequence is not skipped, the player can receive an additional recording for free. Kraid will lean so close as possible with wide open mouth as possible, showing the camera angle both Samus and the creature. Charge a shot with the firing button, aim right on the mouth of the beast and fire. This will continue to make it angry and officially start the boss fight.

Kraid only has access to a simple variety of movements in the first phase and can attack two different types. It is either starting to spit meat lumps in conjunction with fire balls or whip his nails on Samus.

None of the projectiles that fired on the player will prove to be a big threat. They travel slowly and can be destroyed by the shots or missiles that come from Samus Armkanone. The only thing that is remarkable is the fireball that the player has to dodge. It is important to note that both the meat clumps as well as the nails give the player the opportunity to recover. Blobs drop energy or rocket capsules when they are shot down while nails only give rake capsules. If the player has trained his goal constantly on Kraid s head, he will soon reach Phase 2.

Kraid-Phase 2.

Kraid still retains the same attack pattern, which had it in Phase 1 of the fight, while it adds a variety of new moves to his arsenal. The meat clumps and fireballs are now starting to flow out of the hole in his stomach instead, while his nails are reserved when they reach the upper parts of the chamber with the magnetic strip to shoot his head.

Some new attacks to which it has access now include firing bone missiles from the three protruding holes in his stomach and a left hook with his claws when using the magnetic strip. The bone missiles can be submerged or used as a support, while the blow with good timing can be removed, which leads to a good opportunity to distribute some damage.

The key to this section of the boss fight is the use of the magnetic strip. In cases where the large stomach hole has closed in the middle, the player must drive up the strip so that he can continue to harm the boss. Rinse and repeat the process a few times and another intermediate sequence will be played, this time to indicate the end of the fight and the victory of the player.

You can do Kraid something funny when you get early bombs, just like I thought: ^) MetroidDread MetroidDreadspoiler nintendoswitch

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There is a faster method to finish this part of this struggle when the player has participated in sequence interruption. If the player has managed to get the bomb capability before his encounter with Kraid, he can simply destroy the hatch behind, enter and fall into Kraid s belly, bombing him repeatedly to quickly put an end to the second part of the boss. Although this method would make the second phase of the fight a snap, the process of early getting would require bombs to keep the gripper beam early or to go through a series of side trails that require navigating through EMMI zones. Thus, this method is not necessarily time-saving or easier alternative for cutting and drying.

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