The German basketball champion Alba Berlin has had to accept the next dampers in the Euroleague. Four days after the second season success in the continental royal class, the team around national player Modo Lo lost his sixth preliminary round appearance nearly 83:87 (42:52).

FC Bayern München - ALBA BERLIN | Finale, Spiel 4, 2020/2021 | MAGENTA SPORT
As a result, the team of coach Israel Gonzalez is now two compulsory games in a row on Thursday in the German Euroleague duel with Cup winner Bayern Munich in the fight for the desired playoff participation under the meantime even higher pressure. Bayern hopes at the later service against the Italian co-favorites Armani Milan on her second season success on an international stage.

Berlin, who had already received in the Bundesliga last Sunday in the Bundesliga at the 59: 65 home defeat against the BG Göttingen a renewed setback for his hopes for a successful title defense and in the lower table half behind his claims, was not in Piraeus. Time in the lead. First, the guests were able to keep the encounter in the initial phase at least and provide two times for two equals, but with increasing playing time, the Hellenen moved to the meantime up to 16 points.

Lo and Co., however, pushed themselves against the threatening bankruptcy in the final district and came against the declining households by catching up in the penultimate minute even to three counters. Ultimately, the Gonzalez team could no longer bring about turning.

In Berlin s team, Oscar da Silva was with 17 hits of the most successful players from a quartet with a two-digit counter yield. Best Olympiakos Werfer was the US American Tyler Dorsey with 13 points.