Weekend Limited Emotional Planning Game Spark Daikai, the fifth ninetyty-first examination result announcement. The subject was A certain from the Real World to the Game World, but thank you for the many responses. As a result of the answer received from you by everyone s evaluation and person in charge, the following answer was chosen as the Best Answer.

Spa-kun s friend

It was different that Pafupafu thought

It seems that it was too expected…

Spa-kun s friend

It takes time to get used to the three-person pointpoint

It is very difficult to grasp the sense of distance

Spa-kun s friend

Because the appearance judgment is different, hit the little finger of the foot at a strange place

It s slightly big

Spa-kun s friend

I can not go through a little gap

The little finger of the foot is hit

Spa-kun s friend

Fast Travel is too convenient and finally Deb.

Let s use a train for a diet

Spa-kun s friend

Forget save

Save method differs depending on the city where you live

Spa-kun s friend

I can not migrate even if it is not finished from character cooking

I m not convinced, because I m not convinced

Spa-kun s friend

Gangan skip your boss s long story

Good, this is said only once…

Ah ah!

Spa-kun s friend

It is a watermelon who is a world of swimming type or an immediate out of the world

Because I can not return when I drowned…

Spa-kun s friend

The coin is still thrilled to pick up

I m a little fried

Spa-kun s friend

With the difference between the formation from the high and far away
Understand the city where you go town without life

There is also the possibility that it will suddenly create in DLC

Spa-kun s friend

Check out the motivation of God of this world from the creation of the toilet

So as dirty

Spa-kun s friend

Foreign language can be spoken simply by changing language settings

Sometimes I can not speak Japanese

Spa-kun s friend

Even if it is said that can be revived, it can not be trusted at all,
Once you experience resurrection, we will make an abnormality of your own life abnormally

Even if you get used to it, you may see If this is the last…

Urusei Miso

More than 50 m or more can be seen roughly or no shadow.

I can t get rid of glasses

Spa-kun s friend

Try to attack the injury of the injury that is cured with erythropods

Do you have fractures? ?

The real world Bad Blood Jennifer VS Katrina & Anna

Spa-kun s friend

The character name is already used. Please set another name.

Speaking of which, NPC is also almost the same name same name

Spa-kun s friend

It was a type of building where I can not enter my own house, so I can not get out of the house

Is it written in property information?

Spa-kun s friend

I realize that the same face as myself is a low budget game

Only the color is different

Spa-kun s friend

When I was fishing for the first time, I did not hear the fear

It comes in as usual…!

Spa-kun s friend

I care about that I was not a hero

Congrats. Now you are also a resident of the world of the game

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