Microsoft and SEGA Join Forces in a new Alliance! Azure Cloud is the Future!
SEGA and Microsoft have announced a strategic alliance by which the Japanese company may use Azure, the set of services in the Microsoft cloud, in different projects. This agreement, which works on a global scale, will allow SEGA to incorporate Microsoft technology into its titles, as well as use your IPS communication and management tools and communities. According to the Japanese company, this Agreement is key in its medium and long-term plans, and is fundamental for the development of the supergame mentioned above in any of its financial reports.

The proposed alliance indicates the way of seeing the future, we read in the statement, working with Microsoft we will advance to trends that will accelerate in the future with the aim of optimizing development processes and continue creating high quality experiences. For our players using Azure technology ». The company also emphasizes that this alliance of mutual cooperation will help them adapt to newly generation developments.

Sega is not the only company that has reached an agreement with Microsoft for the use of its technology in the cloud. In May 2019 Sony and Microsoft announced their own alliance that, again, was focused on streaming and the development of better tools for community management. Last year, Sony reaffirmed its agreement at a meeting with shareholders ensuring that it was a very strong union. However, Jim Ryan made clear only a few months ago that the company s cloud game strategy will be unique and exclusive to PlayStation.