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It is already time to relearn with gadgets in madness, the set 6 of TeamFight Tactics. A new set that brings a lot of mechanics, and a horde of champions that must be controlled. You feel lost in front of this task? Do not panic, we have prepared guides for you to easily take charge of the compos. And here is that of the composition imperial colossics for the set 6 of TFT. What are the champions to recover in priority? What objects covet with carousel? Who are your carrys? All the info you need to play the Compo well in the lines that follow.

Then update: 02/11/2021, Patch 11.22

Information on the imperial colossic composition of the TFT set 6

Positioning Champions on the tray


When starting on the imperial colossic composition?

You are looking for two very precise things. The first is objects to make Sion work. The other is to have a stable composition in Mid-Game, and do not take late level experience.



Innée: The colossous champions are bigger, more powerful, and occupy two places in your army.
(1) The colossis are immunized in controls
(2) The damage suffered by the colossas are reduced by 25%


At the beginning of the fight, the imperial that inflicted the most damage during the previous fight becomes the tyrant. The tyrant inflicts additional damage. When the tyrant dies, the imperial that inflicted the most damage during the fight takes its place.
(3) 75 % Bonus damage
(5) 120% Bonus damage, other imperials have 40% bonus damage


The protectors are walking a shield for 4 seconds when they launch a spell. This shield adapts to their Max PV, but does not accumulate.
(2) 20 % PV max
(3) 35% PV Max
(4) 45% PV max
(5) 60% PV max


The bodyguards earn bonus armor. A little after the beginning of the fight, the bodyguards cause adjacent enemies.
(2) 100 armor
(4) 200 armor
(6) 3 5 0 Armor
(8) 500 Armor


The stars point to the spotlight on a point of the battlefield. The unit that stands under the lights of the projectors at the beginning of the fight gains unique bonuses.
(1) 15% Additional damage
(2) 5 Mana per second
(3) 30% omnivampirism

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TFT SET 6 All Champions/Traits/Origins/Synergies (LEAKED)
Priority Objects

How to play the composition?

• The purpose of the composition is to have a sore transformed into a war machine. The Buffes of Imperials gives it 60% additional damage, while having 2 colossics allows it to take 25% reduced damage.

• Secondary Carry side, ideally you want to invest in Galio, which will also undergo reduced damage. But if you feel that you are too weak before finding it, Samira will do the business – still adapt objects.

• Attention, a colossos takes two locations in your army. It is therefore very complicated to play them if you are late level, because you will be in huge digital inferiority. Even more here, since you want to play 2. Pay attention to the general level of the game, and invest in experience.

• Another option may be to invest more in Protectors, exits Galio. Sion will lose its reduction in damage, but you can in return insert two additional champions. Aim at least one additional protector, then insert the synergy of your choice to finish everything.