With Caldera is the new map for Call of Duty Warzone before: The card replaces the previous Verdansk Map – and is ready to start the Season 1 of Call of Duty Vanguard. The first season begins on December 2nd. In the run-up to the activation, Warzone players are welcome to one or the other Ingame event, which serves as a kind of transition to the new Pacific Map – and finally puts Verdansk in debris and ashes.

Who is currently traveling in Warzone, should definitely take the red doors under the magnifying glass. For as players report on Twitter, you will find the chance to take a look at the new Caldera Map when you enter the doors. A streamer has held the short teaser in the video, which we have integrated here. Users also report that there are apparently three versions that all provide another teaser to the new Warzone Map.

Jacket shows the map – with Points of Interest

If you want to throw a closer look at the Caldera map for Warzone, now also gets the possibility. During a world premiere on Call of Duty Vanguard on yesterday s evening, the developers have distributed special jackets, whose insides the Warzone Map is embroidered.

The map seems to confirm that the caldera-era of Warzone Operation Alpha is called and playing on May 16, 1941. More: The card also reveals details about individual Points of Interest. In addition to an airport, a submarine base and a volcano, on Caldera, for example, a fishing village, farms, docks and phosphorines are waiting for you. In the south, the capital of the map can be found.

From David Martin
04.11.2021 at 11:37