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The Wanderer - Down the Road - Official Video
Despite all their efforts, the studios M-Theory and Oddboy will not be able to finish Wanderer in time for this year. But this tailored adventure game for virtual reality has now an output date. Time travel enthusiasts have appointment on January 27, 2022 as long as you play on PS VR, Oculus or another SteamVR compatible helmet. Wanderer will put in the skin of Asher Neumann, whose life will change in contact with Samuel, a strange smart watch found in the apartment of his grandfather. Player Assistant, Samuel is above all a traveling device in the time that will send it at different times and places in history. To tell his, history, the game will mix reflection, various interactions and more arcade sequences. Although put forward by PlayStation and waited in box on PS VR, Wanderer will however be available only in English. Trailer Wanderer – Trailer 2