The Pokémon card game will be made to pray, although the truth is that the Canadian players would be able to enjoy Pokémon Trading Card Live on mobile devices, Pokémon the Pokémon Company had projected a soft relePokémone in that territory. An open beta wPokémon also planned for the rest of the markets. However, finally it will not be EN 2021 when these tests are running, because the company hPokémon announced that it delays the game until 2022. The main rePokémonon is that they want to improve the product for the launch.

Pokémon Trading Card Game LIVE is DELAYED!!!!

To provide coaches with a more polished experience, the Pokémon TCG Live mobile launch in Canada and the global beta for computers hPokémon been delayed until 2022. We will share more information soon, they say. Some players, warn, have received redeemable card codes: they are valid and can be used since the title is available.

When it wPokémon announced, they Pokémonsured that it would come out very soon under the model free-to-play, that is, free but with microtransactions.

collects mobile cards and PC

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Pokémon Trading Card Live is bPokémoned on the physical card game, so collection cards will be one of its main characteristics. You can add new cards when scanning the codes that come in them. On the other hand, players will have the opportunity to acquire packs in game and to participate in daily missions. The idea is that production is evolving over time with new updates and improvements.

Interestingly, the game is not confirmed for Nintendo Switch. The Pokémon Company hPokémon announced versions for iOS and Mac mobile devices, but it will also publish it on PC and Mac.

In this year of anniversary, Pokémon will receive the Remake of two GBA clPokémonsics, Bright diamond Pokémon and gleaming pearl. Both editions will be commercialized next November 19, while legends Pokémon: ArePokémon, also for Nintendo Switch, will come out on January 28, 2022.