It ends up Animal Crossing: New Horizons citizens use Disharmony, well those who have the gaming desk item absolutely do.

As the official Discord Twitter account pointed out lately, the gaming desk furniture thing appears to have an application open on one of its 4 monitors that looks suspiciously like the instantaneous messaging website.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons - NEW HOLIDAY & NOOK'S CRANNY 2.0 UPDATE UNLOCKED!
The various other displays appear to have some type of battle royale type video game — similar to Fortnite – open as we can see a map on the top screen, as well as a weapons select screen on the right as well as some sort of water gun themed FPS shooter in the facility.

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The gaming desk item was introduced to the game in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update 2.0 and also can be located in Space s Cranny in addition to the Heaven Preparation workplace for 53,000 bells. The desk can be found in eight various variations from pink, white, black, green, blue, as well as a lot more. Each screen s display screen can also be personalized using 7 customization packages. Players that have brand-new citizen One on their island will certainly additionally be able to find this set up in the holy squirrel s residence.

This is simply one of the new things included the current Animal Crossing: New Horizons upgrade, as one data mine recently uncovered over 9000 new things have actually been included in the game s code. One particularly exciting thing which had followers frantically looking in Nook s Cranny for since the update was launched is the renowned froggy chair which has actually been a staple in the Animal Crossing series given that the really initial game.