The developers ONE WORLD have announced several innovations for their MMO in the last 7 days. The blades also all good and in places Jitterbug. Mango editor Alexander Latch has already fallen to Hype, but afraid that without a big highlight many outsiders still see the game as dead.

What was everything announced for the future of New World?

There should be a patch with bug fixes and important adjustments every week. Once a month a bigger update should appear.
For the upcoming updates, adjustments to the combat system are planned for the better and more fluid.
For the PVP you plan additional rewards in the form of luck and more stable servers in wars.
In November, the first major patch will come. This brings a new weapon, new enemies, new quests and adjustments to trading posts and expeditions.

These changes sound perfect for active players of the MMOs. But they are just on active players.

However, if New World want to lie down a complete turnaround, then you have to make it to address players who are just no longer active. And that s exactly what I do not yet see in the announcements.

Who speaks here? Alex is the MMORPG expert on Random. In New World, he has spent over 160 hours since the release and already reached Level 60. Already in the alpha and beta he came to well over 100 additional play hours.

In other MMORPGs such as SW TOR, Black Desert and ESO, he has each invested hundreds of hours. Guild Wars 2, however, is his absolute favorite game in which he spent over 8,000 hours.

The patch are good, the communication great, but brings the player back?

What do I think about the updates? Please do not understand me wrong: The announced updates are perfect and Boris. I did not suspend nothing at the contents and was even really happy to read the information from the first major patch.

The combat system needs some adjustments, because the weapon change works in section only in 2 out of 3 cases. Also, the fact that does not leave any animation equal, bothers me since release of the game. Each improvement in the fight is thus worth gold.

The PVP in the form of wars and the outdoor often tower is one of the most interesting content of New World and needs urgent more stable servers. Nothing is annoying than if you suddenly confront in intensive fights with lags. But that s just too often happening.

The new weapon of ominous gauntlets will bring a positive momentum at least in the PVP and also for players who have already loved many weapons.

The new enemies are a step in the right direction.

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The communication is top! I would also like to highlight how well Amazon communicates with the players in the last two weeks. Planned changes are openly discussed, announcements come early and Hey, there is now a test server to check the new updates in advance for errors.

The number of posts and the way they are talking to players, I have experienced in the form in no MMORPG.

Because communication of the developers is constantly criticized in my favorite MMORPGs Guild Wars 2 and ESO — actually. Also, at Wow I have already read a lot of criticism in this context.

Where is my problem? I can not produce hype with bug fixes and things that actually already work to release:

In the last 4 weeks, New World dominated with negative headlines on gold dupes, numerous bugs and invulnerability glitches that have killed the fun of the MMO for some players.
Coming now that errors and problems will be fixed — and we bring a new monster type and a weapon.

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The fixed is important, but there is no new content.

But right now, where there was so much negative mood, a highlight is simply important as counterattack. An innovation that says: Here, it is worthwhile to come back or to start New World at all.

PVP arenas, new difficulty levels or a new area

What s new content that New World urgently needs? I think it s important that New World 2021 or at the latest in January 2022 a highlight implements that players is aimed at: Here s new content with which you are longer Copy.

Possible content I would consider as such a highlight have already been found by Glitches or About Detaining:

The new area of ​​Brimstone Sands. This is a desert region for endgame players containing new optical elements, new quests and new materials.
A PVP arena over which one could bring rankings and tournaments into play.
Dungeon mutations, a system where dungeons can be made heavier through different obstacles.

These 3 content blades according to tasks in the final, for which it is worthwhile to overcome the sometimes very monotonous steps 35 to 50.

Because I do not lose a new player with that he can grind a twelfth weapon on level 20.

Is a highlight really so important? Yes, I remember at Guild Wars 2 again and again. Players who are not deep in the MMORPG can not be delighted with smaller patches or the same content. A great feature or a big update in turn ensures greater attention.

NEW WORLD still enjoys a certain hype, so many pages report on it and show streamers the MMO. But is the hype completely over, it becomes difficult to attract players without a great innovation.

That s why I hope that Amazon manages to conjure a real highlight from the hat. Because New World is currently my absolute favorite MMO and despite the many problems I enjoy every second in Sternum.

That also sees the Twitch Streamer Shroud similar to me:

Twitch Streamer Shroud holds despite criticism of New World: Something just makes it right