The Tomorrow Children was a game that happened without making a lot of noise in the field of video games. Its launch occurred in 2016 for PS4, and even though its creators had Sony s support, the title closed its services the following year. A decision that, apparently, ended with the walk of this game.

Or at least that seemed, because the developer study, Q-Games, has announced the purchase of The Tomorrow Children A Sony with the intention of launch it again. This is how the same company is communicated through its website, where it highlights especially the illusion behind this movement. Despite this, Q-Games does not give more details about the future of The Tomorrow Children, so we will have to wait to know what the developer wants to make this second chance.

The Tomorrow Children is a nice adventure in which the extinct Soviet Union is honored in a kind way through work mechanics and binding of forces. A proposal that, although it stopped running in 2017, got Generate a community of stable players, as explained by the founder of Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert, on the study website: Our fans are some of The best players there are, and during these four years they have been keeping the dream alive.

The Tomorrow Children [PS4] Walkthrough Part 1 - Gameplay

The Tomorrow Children ended up winning the free game category after his launch in 2016, but Q-Games does not specify whether he intends to follow this line. At the moment, it is necessary to expect novelties on the part of the developer, and although in our analysis of The Tomorrow Children, we commented that the title bored us with some mechanics, does not stop being good news for lovers of this adventure.