NCS oft swims in money.

Lineage in — which on November 4 took part for Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong — turned out to be the largest and most profitable premiere among all NCS oft games.

The South Korean company recorded the best daily profit in its history. Only on Saturday, Lineage earned 15 billion wings (1 billion Now to 3.3 million zlotys, so 15 billion is less than PLN 50 million).

High popularity also goes too much money. Lineage in occupies the leading places in the rankings of the most popular games in those countries, and NCS oft does not keep up to open further servers (currently 11 worlds / Clusters work with 132 servers).

When Europe and North America join? Rumors say that this will be on November 24 or December 8, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Because Lineage in (Worldwide), as if someone did not know, he would be a global NCSoft, and NCS oft will serve it as a whole (without division into versions).

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